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Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding – Potato, Potatoe ?

Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding… At the beginning I had no idea where this two words were about. Now I even dream about it. I think crowdfunding and crowdsourcing can be very useful if it’s used in the right way and at the right level. If you’re looking for some professional scientific information or something, it’s more useful to ask help on a blog that only professors can join for example. As for crowdfunding it’s kind of the same, if you’re looking for big funders involving kids and students will be useless most of the times. So a company can take big advantages of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, but they first have to come up with a plan how to make it work and how to make it most successful. 

In the designer world is a lot of competition going on. There are these big designer bureaus who have global notoriety, but have to hold on their success by coming up with new great ideas time after time. On the other hand there are thousands of designers working on their own or in a small bureau who have maybe even better ideas but not the money. Crowdsourcing can be an outcome. 

Pro’s: Crowdsourcing brings people together. For designers it’s a great way to profile yourself to other designers or even the whole world. People or companies interested in you as designer can even decide to fund your projects, and so it is directly connected to crowdfunding. Crowdsourcing also can help designers out where they are stuck in their development or can be used for giving feedback and tips and tricks. More heads will bring more ideas and may lead to an amazing boost to the process. 

Cons: Then there is the ‘dark side’ of crowdsourcing in design. There can be too much input if you’re letting too many people involved. When the pool is too big, some great ideas might get lost in the big sea of opinions and thoughts. Also you cannot be sure about the reliability of knowledge shared by random people. It will cost a lot of time to figure this kind of stuff out and get it organized. Then there is a risky part about the crowdsourcing, you can’t control the crowd and you can’t control what they will do when you’re spreading your ideas. Before you know it your ideas are all over the internet with another name on it.. 

A lot of big companies wouldn’t be where they are now without crowdsourcing, some wouldn’t be there at all (websites like Wikipedia). Crowdsourcing can bring good ideas together and fuse them into an incredible idea. Crowdsourcing can let the world speak and let the people influence on what designers will create. Crowdsourcing is probably the most fast and low-cost way to help designers improve theirselfs. I’m totally into crowdsourcing, you only have to be careful you won’t loose yourself in it. 

The actual inventor of crowdsourcing. 

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