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Crowdfunding today

In today’s blog I am going to write about crowdfunding. At this point, I think that everybody knows what that means, so I will just go straight to the point. The use of crowdfunding has been growing rapidly over the last years, and I think that is because of two main reasons. First one is the development of technology, new social media, online networks, etc. The second reason I believe is that more and more people have found out the big advantages and benefits of such a things.

On one hand, there are many benefits such as quick access to capital, avoiding banks and interests, spreading your brand and in this way making an advertisement, acknowledging potential customers or users, however, on the other hand there are also several threats. I think that many designers are afraid of crownfunding because they face a risk of getting their ideas copied before they even get the chance to produce it on their own. I think important part of crowdfunding is to also receive some kind of feedback from people, to get their opinion, and if possible also some advises. This can be even more helpful than the money or advertising. Important thing at doing such a thing is to address the right people at the right time, and it is probably also the most difficult part. Trying to reach the whole world at one time would be just wasting of energy and assets, and if you took very close attention, you would see that you meet with such as crowdfunding campaigns nearly every day, but you do not even notice it since it does not address you in any way.

Now I would like to say something about what I found today. I spend some time browsing the internet and looking for some good and popular examples of crowdfunding, and I just could not believe how many web-sites and different campaigns I found. I did not even imagine how big part of business and personal life this has become. Thousands of people share their ideas, solutions or problems in order to get people’s attention and some capital to start doing something. And actually, in many cases it works as I saw. Some of them were really ridiculous, for example people ask for money to go for a holiday, or to buy a new TV, and there actually receive some nice amount of many from different donors. I think that is just a proof how this crowdfunding idea is spread today, and that it really works. But for how long?image 

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One comment on “Crowdfunding today
  1. Laura says:

    Interesting stuff Michal, I would like you to share the websites you forund by giving 2 examples, one really crazy website… like people asking for cash for a party, and 1 really handy one that Solidaridad could even use (links please). Thanks!

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