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Go Group 9!

Teamwork. A very interesting subject, sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn’t. But what does ‘teamwork’ actually mean? 

For me, good teamwork is working in a group of people who are all on the same level and all have clear tasks they have to do. If tasks are not clear, there will be chaos and inefficiency in the group. I’m not someone who’s very structured in her life, but I like it more when working in a group is structured. I don’t like inefficiency and wasting time when it’s totally unnecessary. In my opinion, speaking up and just say everything you want to say and what you think works really well for improving the group process, but that’s where cultural differences show up. ‘Just say whatever you think and whatever you want to say’ may be very Dutch.. It’s clear to me that some cultures don’t like to work that way at all. That can be hard when you have to work in a group with all different cultures and people. 
What I’m figuring out right now is that if everyone in the group adapt just a little to the other group members, the group work will improve more and more over the weeks. This is maybe something our group can work on a little I think, but we’re heading in the right way. 

I’m convinced there’s also a big advantage we can take of cultural differences within our group. Different talents, different interests and different points of view can take this project to a higher level. What I think is working really well in our group is that most of us are committed to the project and tasks they have to do and I’ve seen some great results so far (Let me mention the video about group work, great job!). 
But we still have a lot to learn. I think some more structure and better communication will help our team a lot. We have to save all our documents and findings in one central place (on Facebook or maybe Dropbox?) so we can oversight our group work better than we do now. Also we decided that it is efficient if one person is taking notes every week, summarize this notes and make an action list so we can discuss the next week what we’ve done. Besides, from now the team leader (yay, that’s me!) prepares what have to be done for the week and makes sure that everyone is involved. 

I’ve some experience in group working and I’ve worked in different group sizes. I disagree that working in smaller groups is better than in large groups. Large groups can be efficient as well, if there is a clear structure and if individual tasks are totally clear. I experienced myself in a group of 7 that this can work really well! Although of course, getting a smaller group structured is easier, but that’s the big challenge in group working! 

I’m really looking forward to see our group improve even more and more and I’m sure we will deliver something special AS A TEAM, cheers! 

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2 comments on “Go Group 9!
  1. Laura says:

    I suggest Yannick, t5hat you pry some of the knowledge and information about Marketing, from Michals head!
    Isabel, which cultural differences in your group could benifit the end result?

  2. Yannick says:

    I believe finish each one’s task individually is necessary for every group member. However,I personally think the challenge for our group is the innovation, because every time we get stuck when we need ideas or plans. For me, the toughest thing is I have no experience of Marketing and Management.So I am going to have some preparation before next class,make sure that I can follow every one.

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