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Time goes fast,this is the fifth week in this block. In last 4 weeks I think I have played as a doer in our group. Perhaps most of my group members that believe I am a silent guy, but actually I am not. In fact I really wanted to join more discussion during our team work. However, the topic is a kind of new field for me which I have never met before. That is my biggest challenge,because in China , we don’t have chance to know or learn any thing about NGO or Crowdfunding, it’s is sort of culture difference, so I did know how to start it. But something changed in last weekend, I asked my Dad to help me to analyse the purpose and the process of Solidaridad’s corwdfunding. I made my conclusion and discussed with Zakk. Finally we made our own PPT which is the first contribution to our teamwork. 

During the self-study in last week, I realize that if you meet new challenges and get stuck, first don’t just focus on how to slove it. The prerequisite is you have to analyse your challenge and divide it into few parts such as what is it? What is the purpose? How to start? If I know nothing about it, who should I ask for help or discuss with? Then find out these answers step by step. This is my experience in last four weeks and I hope it would be helpful.image

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One comment on “Week5
  1. Amazing discoveries and great to see you have captured that curiosity virus :-).
    You asked your dad (a way of resourcing through your network) and you told me the questions he asked you. This is exactly in line with the kind of questions we will be asking all year. It’s great when you can involve your network, and even better when that is a combi of “business” and pleasure.
    I’m curious, how would you combine the 4 themes to go towards an advice for our client? Which theme do you think is the most important? Or would you address all 4 in a sequential order? If so, what order?

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