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My life online

I could say that I’ve built quit a big network the past few years. Since I grew up in Dordrecht, then when I was 18 moved to Delft and now study in The Hague I’ve met a lot of people in my life.. At least I like people :). 

It must admit it is hard to stay in contact with all of my friends and groups without using the internet. Mostly I use Facebook and Whatsapp for staying in touch with groups and friends. Whatsapp is actually an app for your mobile phone, but it is connected to the internet. 
On Facebook I’m in a lot of diffrent groups, like a group with my friends from high school, a group with my roommates and of course the IDE group. I think this is one of the easiest way to communicate to all people in the group by sending only one message. BUT, Facebook is an open network and I don’t trust it at all so I never post personal or secret information on Facebook. That’s where I use Whatsapp or better: a phone call. 
Whatsapp is more a network for short questions and announcements and gossip in one big group discussion. In big groups it can be really chaotic, although I’m using this network the most I think. 

Besides social networks there are some online networks that I use for administration and stuff. Like google docs. I’m part of a group of 15 girls and on this website (where we all have our own account) we can fill in for example when each person is available to hang out a weekend together. It works really well for us. 
There’s also a financial network that I use very often, it is called ‘Wiebetaaltwat’ and on this platform there are also diffrent groups I’m in. You can fill in what you have paid and which members of the group you paid for. For example: I paid for bread and butter for at home, I fill in 3,00 euro’s for me and all my roommates, and then I’m 3,00 euro’s positive on the list. So this platform helps you control your and others expenditure and this also works really well for all the groups I’m in. 

Those were for me the most valuable networks I use to communicate and especially for groups. This networks are all really different from each other and are used for other purposes, so I can’t really compare them with each other. It depends on the situation whether I use Facebook or Google docs.  

I only use networks that are really necessary or very helpful, I don’t like to posses to many accounts on to many different networks, that kind of freaks me out. Before you know it, your whole life is spread out on the internet.

Oh, I almost forgot: since a few weeks I’m also using Tumblr, my new favorite blogging network I’ll proudly add to my list of favorite websites! Very important. :)

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2 comments on “My life online
  1. Yomna Farid says:


    I really like that you’re using social networks and groups for your everyday tasks! I like the financial network you mentioned as it really does seem helpful!

    However, I am quite the opposite with the fact that I’m not in many groups, but I like that you mentioned that Facebook is definitely not safe and that private things should be kept off the social platform, because a lot of people tend to forget that, and it only results in drama!

    Keep it up!

  2. What other networks could you find to help you with this project?

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