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Network and I

Dear readers, in today’s blog you can read something about my use of online spaces. First of all I must mention that I cannot say absolutely everything, for some obvious, and some secret reasons. However, what I would be pleased to share with you is what I use online network for. I am a person of thousand interests, which also reflects on my use of the internet, in other words I use it in thousands different ways.

As soon as you open my internet browser, 13 web-sites will jump at you immediately. These web-sites are all different, some of them are to communicate with my friends, some of them are for entertainment, but the majority is there to keep me updated with information I want to know. Personally, I follow three blogs, two are about cars and the other one is our awesome projectcommunity blog, which is also the only one on which I interact with others and share some of my thoughts. On the other ones I just sneak and gather some interesting information. From this you can derive that I do not interact with others a lot online, not talking about social networks of course.

So generally speaking, we can say that I prefer wide and open groups over the bounded ones. Since I am not an active member of any closed groups, mostly the commercial tools are the most suitable for me, mainly because they are the easiest to use and there is also the most people using them; more people, more information. 

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Michal's Blog of Awesome Stuff
2 comments on “Network and I
  1. Yannick says:

    Hi Ruben, I have same opinion with you, I also prefer wide and open groups over the bounded ones. Everyone can use internet or tools to get thousands kind of information and resources which they needs.

  2. Nice insights Michal.
    I think most people put way too much in the open online (and not so many people care what I ate for dinner for example). Who, in your opinion, should be more careful about putting stuff out there on social networks? I mean, do you know a specific group who should learn how to add less information, instead of more?

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