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Technology is everywhere

When I was a kid I used to play outside, playing hide and seek and rocking the skippy ball and when it rained I was baking cookies or drawing some cats inside. Nowadays all kids are using a computer and a smartphone by the age of 8. The world is growing up digitally. 

So basically everyone knows how to work with computers and digital networks and stuff. I do too, but I have to admit computers and I aren’t in the best relationship. They have the suspicious quality to do exactly what I do NOT want them to do. Anyhow, I have some skills in using sharing programs like Google Docs and of course Facebook and Skype. Besides I have some other basic skills in offline programs like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. 

Tomorrow we’ll have a meeting with another group, so that’s the right time to figure out their skills and to figure out whether we could use them or not. Good contact with other groups seems important to me, otherwise we’re all doing exactly the same next to each other, which is really irrelevant. And we can surely use their expertise (and they can use ours) because 20 people know more than 10! I’m looking forward to this meeting and see what they have come up to and if we’re kind of on the same line. 

Technology is everywhere, people even use it to pretend they have a social life of to pretend like they’re someone else. I’m a little bit scared one day the world gets crazy and technology will drag us down, but for now technology is a good aid to the world as long as creativity comes from the inside and not from a computer screen. 

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  1. I like to see how you looked back into your past Isabel, just like many of you have done this for the Personal Branding Class. Huh? Wow? maybe there is some exercize from that class which could help you here? What could the technology look like in the future (well, that’s really next module, but could be useful here to think about since before it’s in place… it’s already almost outdated). How does Solidaridad use technology now and how could they be using it in the future? How does this effect a “brand”?

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