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Tumblr Blog Question Week 3

Q: What kind of activities do you need to support doing this? (Most important leg of the branches of th spidergram)
A: As I have been mentioning before in group meeting, the most good activities that I can give a support is to research things that is need, providing others with a helpful document, and organizing the things that we did. These are the things that I can do and that will help the team. As and like a Secretary for this team, I will take notes of things that we learn and hear and write minutes on what we discussed and did in the meetings.

Q: What do you already know how to do with online tools?
A: For Tumblr and Facebook, I now know how to post things, of course. For our Project Community Blog, I know how to write comment on other’s post and find all the information (like Grading List). To go more broad, I know how to work with Microsoft programs (like Words, Powerpoint, and Excel). If the online tools means like making my Internet Website or PhotoShop, I am not that good at it. Actually, I never tried it.

Q: What can you teach or share?
A: Well, teaching is not yet available because I am not that specially good at doing something. However, I can share my skill of organizing things (like documents, things that we reasearched about, etc.) and making it to a good looking paper.

Q: What special tools have you mastered?
A: Not exactly mastered, but I am good at surfing internet and (like i said above) organizing and making document into a complete piece of work. Also, providing others a useful information. I think these are special tools that I have and I can do for the group.

Q: What can you do or what do you know about the other groups “unmet needs” they have defined for their NGOs?
A: To tell the truth, I do not know that much about what the other groups have defined for their NGOs. For this I would have to examine myself and keep more eye on other groups. However, I know that Group 8 does the same theme as us. Solidaridad.

Q: Can your expertise be of use to them?
A: Well if they need someone to make their papers clean and organized, they can ask me for a help. I would be glad to help them, AFTER I do all my and my group’s work that is.

Q: Do some skills/needs “match making” and tap the power of the group?
A: I think when doing this group work with our group, we firstly need the skill of working WITH the group. That is individual participation. That is the most important thing. (Like we mentioned in the Spidergram!) Next to that, the each members’ work/skill will be important.How each person does his or her work good and how they get together with the group and make out an outcome. So, eventually, TEAMWORK/BEING TOGETHER is the most skill that can make our g roup powerful.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Lee Ji Eun (Jennifer)
One comment on “TEAMWORK is the MAIN KEY to SUCCESS
  1. Love the title, and I love seeing you all work together today. It seems to me the the team is really starting to come together. Does everyone have a task each week? It would be sad if some just have something to do at the end.
    Alos teamwork also means you know what your meatmates are doing. Do you know that someone in your team is reading all the blogs? (You probably do). So read, discuss, ask, and so forth…

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