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Week 3, technology, technology, technology

Dear readers, in the next sentences you are going to read about my technologic knowledge and various online stuff in terms of communicating and sharing information. 

From the very beginning of modern civilization, communicating and sharing information were crucial issues of every company as well as every individual who wanted to get more knowledge, share ideas and experience, help others, manage employees etc. Therefore, the pressure on developing new ways of communicating was enormous. New and new technologies were coming out, until now, when the peak of communication technology was reached with the introduction of internet. 

There are thousands of different programs and tools on internet these days, which for one person are practically impossible to master or use all of them. Fortunately, as I mentioned in my blog last week, when people put their heads together, the result will be much greater. Everybody is interested in something different, which leads to different skills and knowledge, but lets not get far away from the topic..

I would like to say something about my own technology knowledge. It is literally a necessity for every modern person to have some technology skills, to know how to use computers, smartphones, and of course internet. But frankly, every ordinary person knows how to browse internet, download files, use various social websites, edit basic text, or use some office programs. I consider myself to be one of those average modern people as well. I know how to edit some basic videos, create a website or even a simple graphics. However, I do not consider myself to be a master of any of those skills. To be honest, I was always more interested in hardwares then softwares, meaning how technology works from the technical point of view. This might sound like there is no way I can contribute to our team work on this project for NGO, but do not worry my friends, I just want to be little modest about myself, because I believe that there are way bigger technology experts in our group or class who can do stuff I did not even know is possible. All of these skills are more than helpful to get the great ideas actually working in practice, and see the results of the work. One big necessity for working on this project and with NGO is being capable of using various means of communication online. I am glad to say that I belong to those people who have it kind of in their “instincts” and almost instantly know how to use it and what to do if there any problems. 

Now something about “digital identity”. Nowadays, digital identity has many attributes, from the basic ones such as age, gender or nationality, to more complex ones including hobbies, family status, personal life as well as professional life. We could say that it is kind of our “digital life” in which we share our real or unreal information with the rest of the world, and it becomes a big part of life for more and more people. This week we were also introduced to the concept of digital stewardship, which I think is getting very important these days since there is a huge amount of technology, and there has to be someone who should know the best what suits a particular community the most. 

At the end I would just say that I am really excited to see how we are all going to collaborate and use our technical knowledge and skills together to come out with the best possible output for this project. 

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3 comments on “Week 3, technology, technology, technology
  1. During the next module, you’ll possibly find more out about the future technologies. But, for now I agree with Michal – right now the majority of the world is using internet to expand their community. Even in, or rather ESPECIALLY in, developing worlds, we see how they skip a phase and go faster in to wireless tech than we did.
    Many companies use an intranet to encourage in-company community growth, but does it work? Do they actually use it? Why? Or Why Not?

  2. Ruben says:

    What makes you think that the internet is the peak of communication technology? I think it’s bound to develop further, and in ways we can’t even imagine yet. Well, I hope so anyway.

    • Michal says:

      What I meant is that today the peak of communication technology is internet (for the general public of course). Even though it is not the most modern one, or the most advanced, its the boss of communication at the moment. But yes the technology will go further, no doubts about that..

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