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The first official try of blogging for our “Project Communities”

So here we go, my first blog. I will start in general, about our class and program. After the very first day in the class I noticed one very important fact, which is that designing and generally creating great things do not come from an individual work but from collaboration of different people, with different ideas and qualities. And that makes sense, because in my country (beautiful Slovakia by the way) we say: “to by wise, we must put our heads together”, or “two heads are more then one”. And to be honest, before we started the classes I though it is more individual work, but I have changed my mind very quickly. I see that actually ideas of somebody else can help me to inspire my own ones, and vice versa. Because yes, you can have a brilliant idea as an individual, but the world is too big and too complex to accomplish it on your own, eventually you will always need somebody to work with you, and that is why learning how to collaborate with others is so important.Β 

What I would really like to learn later on is how to make the world simpler in my perception, to see how things work together to create one whole. In that way, I think I should be able to see how it can be still improved, or even what is still missing. This is why I try to understand the various networks and online communities as much as possible, to be able to come out with something new, something that works, makes sense and is simple all together. We might not manage it on our first try, maybe not in our second or even fifth, but eventually who knows :)

And what “special quality” can I bring and contribute? Hmmm? I think there are two of them, they might not be special, or even qualities, but can be useful anyways. One is my curiosity, big, big, big curiosity, and the other does not have a name, but it is something that always pushes me to finish the things in the best possible way. Of course, there are some more “not that special” qualities, but the two I mentioned are the most important to me, and can be also very useful for others.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Michal's Blog of Awesome Stuff
4 comments on “The first official try of blogging for our “Project Communities”
  1. Maurice Schill says:

    I really liked your approach to team work and what it really means. Maybe we should use one of these sayings to help give direction to the team. By this I mean our values, and what defines us as a team. In this way we can hopefully achieve our goals, with much success and stick together. This should help our motivation as a team too!

  2. Nancy White says:

    I love this “see how things work together to create one whole”!!

  3. Cultivating Curiosity, Love it!
    Two VERY important qualities – the curiosity part and getting the job done to the best of your ability – are in my opinion, great qualities to have.
    How can you cultivate curiosity in others? How will you help to make sure each and every member contributes their own special qualities to enrich your team?
    Keep it up!
    πŸ™‚ Laura

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