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Everything is Possible when you imagine! DesignImagination

Everything is Possible when you imagine! DesignImagination

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

WEEK 7: Design Principles

Throughout these last 8 weeks, I have learned quite a bit about basic team work, the overall design process & its pitfalls at every turn. Experiencing the confusiasm again throughout the project always gave me a reason to keep trying to clear things up. This is an obstacle I have learned from, and now know that the energy & attitude we all bring to the team is very important. In order to keep a good vibration within the team, there is a need for some rules, or in some cases principles.

I think its important that everyone brings the same amount of motivation & energy to the table. 

Everyone’s ideas & opinions should be taken into consideration during the entire process. That is what i consider open design. 

Everyone has their skills & weaknesses, that should be considered when assigning jobs & tasks. There should be a trade-off between the quality of work, and the time invested. 

These are 3 aspects of the design process I learned in these 8 weeks. Beyond and over that, there are some more principles I think are important in design.

Form should support Function

It should be intuitive & simple to use.

The energy needed to use the product or service, should correspond to the value you get out of it. A good bike, runs smoothly, and requires less energy, where a old, rusty bike would require energy to fix & maintain before able to use. 

To finish, I would like to emphasize on the idea that we are all creators, and just need to apply ourselves properly.  When we bring our motivation on the table, or we work as a team, and feel like we are part of something, ideas come naturally, the whole process becomes fun, and we improve ourselves as we go along this process, without much effort. 

"Where there is a will, there is a way" anonymous

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

One Last Powerful Kick for a Perfect GOAL!!

As the Week 8 starts, I fell glad and regret at the same time. I fell glad because I finished the first Module of IDE with no such big mistakes. In the contrast, I fell regretful because I could do more good than what I did so far. I really learned a lot about how to become a successful person in this field and how teamwork is very important in this field. Also, how the use of online communities or network can be useful.

Talking about online communities or network, I think it is the most important use toward my goal of solving the unmet need of NGO. The first reason is because by using the online communities or network, we can share and talk about one’s idea to others more easier. It is a digital native world now. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We can share in words by typing or by seeing each other by video-chatting. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We do not have to meet each person we want to talk to by face to face, but just have to post things in their pages. Of course, this may bring to a bad hobbies of being a computer nerd and not coming outside or not trying to meet people, but since the world is still running and technology has been improved more than the past, we have to follow it. We just need to control it by using the online communities or network in a good way. Do not become a slave of computer! Next, best way to spread words to others not just people close to me, but to people around the world. If I just post what I want to say in my own online communities or network, every person (in Facebook, usually who is ‘Friends’ with me and in Twitter, people who ‘Follows’ me) can see it and if they want, they can spread it to other people which they are ‘Friends’ or ‘Following’ with. It is more easier than the past days, where they spread and share what they want to say by senting letters or directly meeting to that person in person. I am not saying meeting in face to face is bad, but sometimes it can be too complex to meet someone in face to face if they are in another country as me. Too far to go meet them. Again, if one just control themselves in using the technology, it will be the most perfect and helpful and easy way to spread my words. Lastly, we can share ideas in different kinds of ways, which is more visually good. In the past, we only could share by talking, drawing, or writing by myself. Of course, writing or drawing with my hand is good and shows one’s true heart. However, these days, technology and design has improved at the same time. People (like the company mostly) are requiring us to show them more visually good works. We can make moving slides with Powerpoint or Prezi to describe about something, which is more fashionable and good at impact. These are the reasons why I think online communities or network are important.

Ending the last posting of my Blog Post, I really think blog posting is very helpful activity to me. At the beginning, I thought I was doing this just for my grades. However, now I think this activity has helped me in  writing and sharing my ideas or thoughts to others. Before this, I felt a little afraid of writing my thoughts in my online community because I thought what if others, who read this, think of me as a fool of posting these writing here. But now, I don’t feel like that and I got more courage of blog posting. Maybe I should really start a Blog of my own to share my ideas and give information to others (for example, about the life of Netherlands to people who is interested in Netherlands!). Of course, I had difficulty in understanding the topic and wrote stuff that is non-sense, which made you think what is she talking about, but I think by those mistakes, I am learning more and can improve myself.

It was a great experience and thank you all for giving me this nice chance!
And thank you for reading my post!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Lee Ji Eun (Jennifer)

week 8

Throughout my research, the most important thing I have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design is crowdfunding. With crowdfunding, you are collecting money to start up any project imaginable. I found some really surprising causes since I first discovered crowdfunding. There are people even making crowdfunding hoaxes. Since anyone can sign up, you can put up anything on there (unless they’re removed for being inappropriate). The point is, literally anyone can start a project if people are willing to back it up.

There are some examples of those hoaxes in this link: 

My main design principle would be simplicity. Everything these days should be direct and plain. A visual example is how logos are slowly switching back to 2D designs. Microsoft changed their logo into four simple colored squares. Apple has always been going for the simple look but even their logo went down to a 2D image from their previous, simple, 3D version. A break from routine is also great. Thinking outside the box and being simple is what attracts people these days. With just these two, you could already gather a broad community or network. And last but not least of these principles is efficiency. With everything running like a well-oiled machine, people are more likely to be a part of a community or network.

One thing I would tell next year’s class about this course is you need to get used to being outside of your comfort zone in terms of doing research and marketing. There are definitely more efficient ways to execute a marketing strategy than you would think. I was surprised at how fast things are going with technology because of this course. I would say to get most out of it, you need to be open to new ideas. Thinking outside the box and being open to new ideas is very valuable since there are always new surprises throughout the course. 


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Zakk Ulbrich

The homestretch

It’s already week 8 of the project , time flies! We’ve only got one week left to finish our challenge and to show our NGO what we accomplished. I’m actually really excited!

Looking back I realize what we all have been doing all this weeks and what we all have learned, and that is quiet a lot! In the beginning I had no clue about this four hats or about online communities, until I figured that it’s actually a big part of your life as a designer. And it is now. I’ve been using online communities for years now without even knowing what they were and what advantages you can take of them. Now I’ve all seen what crowdsourcing and crowdfunding can mean to companies I think the internet is slowly taking over our whole world! It’s crazy what kind of knowledge or funds in such a short amount of time can be raised by using online communities in the good way.

Design Principles   

Considering all we have done and all we have learned I figured out my design principles for online communities and networks (thanks to First, design by committee. We’ve been doing this project as a team and I’m really convinced that teamwork can accomplish more then just single person work. Different people and different backgrounds know more and will come up with more ideas. The biggest challenge is to make the team work, but looking back at our team in the beginning I suppose every team can do this! Second, focus on the user. By designing online communities or networks it’s obvious that you want to make it work for the persons who need it. Look at their background, age, gender etc. Products has to be user-friendly, so do online communities and networks. And last but not least, they have to be useful. You can make the best layout or whatever, if the content isn’t clear nobody will use it how it’s supposed to be used. Clearness will affect the efficiency, what effects the usefulness on his hand. 

So this is it, my last project communities blog. Honestly, it was not always the most fun thing to do but in general I enjoyed doing this. Getting graded for writing your own thoughts about things, it’s not that bad.. And so was the whole course! In the beginning it wasn’t really clear to me what the whole assignment was and how we should proceed, but trough the weeks it became more and more clear and things were falling into the right place. I would really advice the teams next year to focus on the teamwork from the beginning, this will increase the development and the result of the project a lot I think! And of course getting all this fantastic blogs done on time :) 

Now it’s time for the final stage of this course, the homestretch! Thanks for reading and following! 

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#7 Broaden the Market

We have learned 4 themes: crowdsourcing, work team, crowdfunding, and marketing. Among the 4 themes, I think marketing is the most important and efficient thing to solve the unmet needs of the Solidaridad. 

Before the project community class, I’ve never heard about Solidaridad. I did not know what is about and it took some time for me to understand what Solidaridad is and what it stands for. If people do not know the organization, all other themes can not work out well. For example, crowdsourcing needs people. Even if the organization prepared all other things for crowd funding such as blogs or social networks, there won’t be enough people participating because people don’t even know that there’s such blogs or websites waiting for their idea. For crowd funding as well, need to be well-known to the people to expect more involvement. People can see as much as they know and as much as they see, they spend more time and money. This is the reason why marketing is the key to both crowd sourcing and crowd funding.

All things are based on relationships. Seller and buyer, company and customers…all about relationships. People buy what they are familiar to. For example, when I have to make a contract with mobile phone company, I chose T-mobile among a lot of companies because that’s what I heard about the most in the Netherlands and my roommates are using it now. Like this, people choose what they heard about the most, maybe famous or well-known. That is why APPLE sells millions of products than other companies. To increase customer, the company should focus on advertising the company. 

Then, what makes successful marketing? Brilliant ideas and stable company. People wants something new, brilliant, and creative. If the company market themselves with creative ways of advertising, I’m so sure that people will get interested. However, even people get interested, the companies should show their stability to make people purchase or fund. Imagine there are two companies, which is 50 years old and 5 years old. People trust the older one more because they agree that there’s some reason for the company stays stable for 50 years. The company should have experienced some failures and experiments for 50 years and this is why people choose it. 

For Solidaridad, marketing it key to improve their unmet needs. Make as much people as possible to be on your side!

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Week 8, we are almost there

In today’s blog, I will again talk about online communities and network, but now from the different point of view; design. Previously, I already wrote how the popularity of internet has resulted in a rash of online social networks or web communities. Countless independent and commercial web sites have arisen that give the users online places to socialize, congregate, and exchange views and information. I seem like almost everybody today is member of such a social network, but how do they choose which one they will join? Well, what I have learnt over the last couple weeks is that a good social network has to have its purpose. Whether it is cars, or fashion, nature, some life-style, dating, or a brand, it will eventually get people’s attention. That is, in my opinion, the simple most important aspect of good social network; to be purpose oriented. I came up with this conclusion after considering my personal using of social networks as well as observing the use of social network of other people. People on social networks look for space to present themselves in particular activity or to see what other people do. If social network or community wants to be successful and useful, it has to get people’s attention offering them information of particular area those people are interested in.

There are two design elements I consider to be crucial for online communities and networks. These elements are clarity and simplicity. Clarity in the sense that the purpose of online community or network has to be clear and visible, as mentioned above. It should not pretend to be more useful than it really is. The purpose of it should be visible after few seconds of browsing through it, and the context has to be easy to find. Also, it has to be easy to use, in an instinctive way. People do not like to spend hours of their time only to understand how the networks works, instead, they will look for something else. The easiest way to make online network easy to use is by adopting common elements from other widely used online networks. However, even after adopting common elements, it has to differentiate from other online networks in a distinctive way. I know I may sound weird, or hard to do, but I am confident that everybody likes to use something that is different and new, but on the other hand easy to use because of some similarities with already existing things.


What I would really tell next year’s class is that they need a very open mind for this course, and that they need to think out of the box to come out with something unique and useful. This course is all about getting information and finding ways how to use them. It needs some dedication, patience, and time to come up with a good result. This course also requires students to work together on one common goal, to share the ideas, and to solve problems together as a team. It demonstrates what different obstacles and challenges can wait for us in the world, and how to get over them. I believe, that all this skills will be very useful during the whole path through the IDE program, as well as the professional life afterwards.


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Time goes fast, this is the final week of project community. In this 8 weeks I have learned a lot about how to be a successful designer and how to work as a group member in teamwork.

During 8 weeks study, the most important thing I have learn about using online communities and networks in innovative design is crowdfunding. Crowd funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. In fact, crowd funding is not only for the money. In our NGo’s case, we design to crow fund more human resources, money and more reputation. With the crow funding  we can attract more people with same passion, knowledge and technology to help Solidaridad. Meanwhile, for the companies and countries who invest Solidaridad. They would have an stable support of sugarcane for award. On the other hand,  
if we use public media to disseminate our crowd funding before we launch it. Not only Solidaridad, all the people who involved in this project are going to have a  favourable comment from society.

Therefore, crowd funding is not only a activity collect cash. It is also a platform for the people who have same purpose and passion to communicate.  Personally I believe crowd founding is the most important thing I have learned to improve the communities and network.

For the class in next year, I suggest to have 1 more workshop classes for each week. Because  we have to finish the design and project by teamwork. When we were working together, sometimes we got stuck, sometimes we have different ideas. Therefore,we must share our troubles and ideas. Make sure everyone can understand each other and must be involved in the teamwork. However, it will take so much time.So once a week for the meeting is not far enough. If we decide to meet after classes or in the holiday, no one can make sure that everyone can attend. For the reason, I think 1 more workshop class for each week will be much better.


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I’ve comment on…

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