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last blog post of this module!!!

I have learnt sooo much this module, it started very confusing and now its much more clear but still a hard subject though.

The most important thing I have learnt about using online communities is that it is actually something we use all the time without actually noticing it. But because of this course we had to think about it very carefully and this is why we have found out a lot of new facilities and even facilities which we already used to work with but now we learned to use them even in a better way.

It was a whole new experience to learn about new ways of communications in such a way like the google hangouts (which I had never heard about) and writing blogs, which I found quite hard as I am not a good writer and I dont really enjoy it, but now I realised that blog writing is actually different as it’s about your experiences and usefull info which you can share with others.

The way how we got a client and have to work for him/her is really cool as it means that it’s real and not just an imaginary task. This makes you want to work harder and really want to come up with great ideas.

My design principals are:                                                                            Follow the NGO’s wishes to provide the right work.

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One comment on “last blog post of this module!!!
  1. Nancy White says:

    Thanks for the final reflection — I’m glad you found value. That is what matters to me. And I agree – there is something powerful about “real work” versus an imaginary project. I am thankful for having the chance to support to a tiny extent the class’s work!

    Thanks again


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