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Hello everyone,

So the end is near , or at least the deadline is due soon J . Through these 8 weeks we have learned and experienced a lot . We went through ups and downs and on the final stretch we came together as a team .

So in conclusion I learned that the most important thing is to work in a team and distribute the amount of work properly . Because this the perfect way for us to function as supposed to and not some of us to get overworked while others sit around and just wait .

For me personally the most important things about using online communities and networks in innovative design  was crowdsourcing and crowdfunding  . Especially crowdfunding , because sometimes people have enormous potential and great ideas , but they don’t have the funds to turn their ideas into actual products or whatever they want to do . It is a win win situation . And crowdfunding is for the people on the opposite side of the metaphorical line . People who have the means but not the ideas . I think this is the future of all my prospective projects .

When it comes to design principles I think I explained my idea with the distribution of labour.

For any upcoming student I recommend to get to know his/hers teammates before starting with the project , because that’s the most efficient way to do work .

and here is a funny picture :

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2 comments on “FIN
  1. Nancy White says:

    Sweet picture. Thanks for your final reflection!


  2. Katinka says:

    love the picture 🙂

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