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Hello everyone !

So this is the end, and we are almost done with our project. In my opinion, the most important and common thing I’ve learned from this Project Community class is Teamwork. Working in teams is good and useful not only for innovative design, but for every work. More people - more ideas and more opinions.

Then, back to our group. As Ihsan said : “When every group member knows what he has to do and when the deadline for such a work is, it makes it easier by compleeting every piece of work at every time when we meet and when we all got the work we have to do, this makes the whole process goes gradually and more efficient.”
I completely agree with her. Actually, if you know when your deadline is, you can plan you time in a proper way and not waste it.

Now we are at the point when everyone has to work hard, because this is the end. Everyone has his/her part in a presentation and every part is important, so every group member has to participate. We are communicating online all the time and everything is going in a right way I suppose…

The last thing I want to say is that in my point of view crowdsourcing is a perfect way to get feedback about your innovative idea. Also, crowsourcing can help team gather the information needed. It is a simple way of making your project better and complete.

Rays of Love,

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2 comments on “FIN
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Anastasia

    How did the presentation go? I’m curious to find out how you answered Shahab’s question. 😉 And I’m curious about your design principles and advice to next year’s students! I’m going to go check and see if I missed a blog post.

    Thanks again for being part of Project Community!


  2. shahab says:

    Thanks Anastasia, I am looking forward to read a more deliberate feedback on your teamwork and project when you are finished with your presentation.

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