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As it comes to the end of Project Community course, I had a look back on what I have learned in this period, I didn’t notice that I had learned so much thing during our research on project for our client. Most of working time was spent on networks and indeed I gained plenty of knowledge from internet. Now if I started a project, I won’t be blind and don’t know where to go because I already have so much experience.It is really hard to say what is the most important thing during network. If I had to say, I think I am inspired most from online communities. If I got stuck on something, I will go to online communities, reading some articles, seeing pictures. Then I am inspired. Even what inspired me is not important for authors but it help me out. Having a look on those successful design product, they are all designed after designers were inspired by accident moment. But not anybody can notice and be aware what is useful. So keeping opened eyes is very important during networks. 

Talking about design principle for online communities. I think “make it useful” is very important. Nowadays, it is an internet booming time. There are so many online communities, some got famous, some got lost, some even never exist. Why it happens? In my opinion, it is because how practical those are. I know some online communities have attractive appearance but not so functional as users expect. 

Final words on project community info! Overall, how to work in a team is most valuable what I have learned in the course. I had some insight from teamwork. First of all is the team spirit. If you don’t have team spirit you are like homeless. And all team members are your family and all of you need to help each other to get work done. Second is clear assigned task. Everybody find his good-at and work on it. Do not take responsibility what you can not do otherwise it will damage your team work. 

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3 comments on “FINAL!
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hiya, stopping by for a quick final comment and thank you. I’m curious, what is the most important thing you learned from your NGO client?

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. shahab says:

    Nice reflection. How do you think the team spirit can be made, or improved? Not only with a team like yours in this project but also in an online community. What do you think the differences are?

  3. Maurice Schill says:

    I agree with your points on team work, and the important of online communities. The availability of so much information, makes it easier to approach any problem with a good insight, & direction for a solution.

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