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Week 7

Since the first week of Project Communities, we have brought up multiple topics, all of which play their role in the work of both NGOs and our future projects. By looking for ways to apply them to improve our project NGO’s performance, we get an experience of searching for solutions in fields that may be of use for our future design/innovation works.

Our group’s challenge is to provide an efficient personal branding strategy for the NGO Solidaridad using Drupal Commons as a social platform. We are close to this goal, however there is definitely some more work to do.

In my opinion, the most useful theme of the ones we’ve learned about in class would be technology stewardship as we are currently a little stuck with all of our ideas, since we don’t know if it is possible to apply them to Drupal Commons or not. I had a brief conversation with one of Acquia’s (Drupal) workers, but received no feedback regarding the applicability of our solutions. So, at this point, we are hoping all of the suggestions we have are possible to implement inside Drupal. Tech-stewardship is obviously important since we are re-designing or adding new features to an online social platform.

Another useful thing to know about was working in groups, since we had problems with focusing on our work and making it sufficient/productive. From the point of not knowing where and how to start we thus went on to structurized and efficient group work and I hope it will remain that way.

I think that I cannot decide who or what will be the key to success without my group, but I think the one thing that might be called crucial in our challenge should be motivation. And I’m not concerning motivation in our group’s work (it is as important, but let’s stay on the topic), I mean motivation for the Solidaridad employees to actually use this platform with the best outcomes - exposing their experiences and interests, collaboration, sharing information and insights. Taking this into consideration, our goal is to motivate Solidaridad’s users of Drupal to use it and take the most out of it. Because if they don’t - all of our other suggestions become useless.

We have a couple of ideas regarding how to have the employees use Drupal for personal branding, for instance, providing incentives for the active use of the platform (yes, it is an NGO, and no, not financial bonuses). We also have some ideas on how to make the ones that remain unmotivated spend less time on building up their personal brand.

Hope you liked it.


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