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is it finale ?

Hello everyone !

Only 2 weeks left till the end of our project. We’ve learned a lot of things during these 2 months. But the main thing about this project was teamwork. We understood how to work in a group and how to share out thoughts with each other. We became friends with each other.In my opinion the most important topic, related to our project was crowdsourcing. We asked our tutor , we asked Maarten, we asked people around what do they think about our ideas. They gave us feedback and we improved our work. 

In my point of view , everyone/everything is important during the project. If someone is missing, we can not work in full force. I don’t think that the “Leader” role in a team in that important. At first, we decided that Martin will be the Leader, but then Ihsan shifted all the responsibility. And then Nikita started being superproductive and responsible for the team. Anyway I think that everyone is important and significant.

We have to work hard for the next 2 weeks. We have to work on our presentation. I think that everyone had already imagined in mind how it will look. But then there is a very important next step : materialisation and performing. Here marketing can help a lot. We have to introduce our final idea to Solidaridad and we have to show all at its best, to present all the values of our precious project.

Anyway, teamwork plays the key role in achieving success. 

Rays of Love,


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One comment on “is it finale ?
  1. Keisha says:

    I agree with your idea of crowdsourcing. Thinking about how to find the right people for crowdsourcing, I learned a lot! But I think the leader is very important in the team. Even if your group’s leader was keep changing, I think it worked fine because there were such members who took the leader’s role. Hope you guys work out your best until the end!

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