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Week 7

We have been working on our project for 7 weeks now.We’ve learned about  crowdsourcing,crowdfunding,about marketing,how to work with and in a team,etc.It has all been very interesting and helpful.I have noticed that all this things have one thing in common-they’re all group related.

Ever since the introduction week we have been working in groups and teams.We have group meetings,group projects  and in the end we will be graded as a group.We may have had some struggle with teamwork in the beginning,but we managed to do everything we were assigned to do.Some people prefer to work alone,but doing so damages our group rhythm,and then we have to go back or explain which results in time loss.And time is something nobody can afford to lose.So no matter what we do individually,in the end we have to come together as a team and work together,because even one person can set the whole group back.

Last week we talked about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.We saw some examples for both and discovered new ways to help our and any future project.Eventough I don’t see how crowdfunding can’t help us in this particular project, we now know a new and better way for funding with even better results,because while we’re being funded we are expanding.It’s a different thing when it comes to crowdsourcing.We have been using crowdsourcing for a tool to match our NGO’s needs.We asked him and other people what to do and how to do it so we work in the right direction.We gathered feedback and continued.We can use crowdsourcing to save some time and find the answers for our problems.

Another thing that I think will be helpful for our presentation  is marketing,because after all what is and great idea without the proper introduction.We must be able to communicate the value of our product to our customer and find a way to stand out in the crowd.Even if our idea isn’t unique and the best one,if we present it correctly we may  achieve the success everybody wants.

 Thank you.

and here is a picture that represents something i wrote about in one of my previous blogs:

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Final Video

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