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After having been working on how to apply Personal Branding strategy to Solidaridad social intranet, the final solution is coming clear. In our proposal, motivation(employees-self), filesharing and time-consuming play very important roles which determine this project is a successful one or not.

Motivation is required whatever you do. Why people go to university to seek higher diploma even though they can find a job? Because people generally think higher certificate means better jobs and higher salary. That is motivation. More simply, why we chose IDE programme? Because we just love design. This is also motivation. Nothing could be done without motivation as motivation gives you energy and faith. It is the thing to push you move forwards. Applied in our project, a possible problem is that employees do not have motivation to be involved which results the whole intranet is insignificant. We came up with some ideas to attract them. Main concept is to award “digital employee of the month” to the most active staff. Providing reasonable bonuses of course would be more effective way if it is possible. 

Another important role in process is time-consuming. When I search on Solidaridad website, I found some employees have more than one position in company. Time for them is most important thing during work. So our aim is to solve time-consuming problem for this kind of employees. One practical option is to improve a little bit  to apply audio/video post on Drupal. If we can manage it, those busy employees even can post when they on subway or bus. 

Since Solidaridad is a multinational organization, knowledge exchange becomes a very important part of operating. We decide use tags/category into intranet system. With it, it is much more easier for employees to search information appeared before. For example, Solidaredad is working on a project about sugarcane. Employees just need to type sugarcane on website then all posts related to sugarcane are able to be seen. 

Thanks for reading.

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