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This week’s topic was very interesting and eye opening.I was introduced to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding ,but in some way I was already aware of them.Crowdfunding is a great way to for gathering the necessary resources.

Teamwork is a key factor for our project.It is the soul of every group project,because when people communicate with each other they’re able to combine their best qualities and ideas and achieve a much better result in the end.

At first we had some trouble with teamwork and communication.Everybody was shocked from the quick change in…everything.We did’t exactly know what to do and there was a lot of confusion.But we quickly adapted a started working as a team.Since then I’ve seen a lot of improvement I’m confident about the result.In on order for us to deliver what we’ve promised we have to communicate more and better.Our Facebook group has been very helpful.In some way we’ve used it for crowdsourcing.We are a small crowd that exchanges information on facebook. :)


I think everybody prefers to work alone,but that’s just maybe because we haven’t seen the advantages of working together.It is actually much easier.When we devided in small groups we became more productive,so,in my opinion, we have to reorganize and change our work process.We’re all busy,but we have to find time in our schedules more frequent meetings.We can even do a Google hangout if everybody is up for it.

Everybody can pretend to be a lone wolf but in the end we all need help!

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  1. shahab says:

    I really like to read more about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, from your point of view.

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