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The more this course moves forward, the more I recognize that it is hard to express your opinion in a group. Common group members watch everything you do and listen very carefully. Judgements are fastly made and wrong conclusions could be drawn, when someone acts or says something in a split moment. When a group makes a wrong observation, I automatically become more aware of my contribution. Moreover, I am disposed to with-hold my opinion.

Apart from that, I believe it is not always better to split up groups, in order to create more edges. Sometimes, a bigger source can be dexterous to connect different thoughts. It will drive the group process, when a person will be able to analyze all of these injections, and can come up with a good strategy or scenario. It is up to the common group members to take or leave this input. Out of my own experience, I conduct that it is better to not interrupt the group thinking and not to force my own thoughts too much. Because of the cultural differences, I have to consider my words and manners.

Referring to tasks, there can be made a distinction between average and arduous tasks. When we are dealing with a complicated task, I am motivated by being pre-occupied with it. If an ordinary task has to be fulfilled, I’d rather perish in the Hilton!lol



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