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I’m sorry I missed class yesterday ,but I was sick and on top I had an appointment at the emigration services to get my bsn number.

I’m not used to working in a group,but I like it.Everybody has different ideas and when we express ourselves we form some kind of a brainstorm.

As I said I haven’t worked in a group before,so it’s a challenge for me.The more I get used to it,the more I like it.When young minds like ours gather in a group,who knows what can come out.

We just need to organize ourselves better,and try to have meetings more frequently.We form a really smart and unique group,and I’m sure that if we work hard as a team we can show our full potential.

I think we should make a schedule for the time we have left together,so we can organize better.We have to sync our free time and figure out how we can meet often.


P.S…..I know the blog is short but I kind of didn’t know what I was writing about.

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