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Team! Team!

Reviewing classes I went I found we worked in groups almost every class whatever the size of group. It could be two it could be twenty. I did learn much thing from every single through five weeks. But occasionally  it just didn’t work very well due to several reasons such as disagreement, absence, confusion. These factors do not influence too much when working in a temporary team but might stand out if these couldn’t be solved ASAP in a long-term team. Currently, the biggest problem of our group, in my opinion, is that all the work which are divided can’t be combined perfectly. So, it looks like each of groups works hard and well although, the team efficiency is slow. In the following weeks I think we should set a new role, cheerleader, to cheer us up.  Another problem is we were rather confused of our task. Luckily after HangOut with Mr.Van Leeuwen, we kind of figure it out and it goes right direction now.

About group size, I believe four and six are best number of team member. The size of a team impact on many things. If a team is over ten people,  it is really hard to control everything step by step. Crowdsourcinng is a good measure to solve it. Even though communication is an issue can’t be avoided especially when disagreement happens. Everybody wants to speak out, wants to insist on their own views. It will grow up with a conflict sometimes. A small group has advantage which big group doesn’t have is each of team can have enough time to express idea in turn. 

Like the picture present, a team has access to success is only each of team takes responsibility and work together perfectly. 

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  1. Luca Salce says:

    Straight to the point and very direct with your opinion which is good as I can quickly see what you are trying to say about your team’s and your personal challenges. Yes you mentioned these challenges but what can you or your group do to overcome these challenges? You did not really mention about the things that worked well for you and your group, I got a negative feeling from reading it.

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