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This week we focused on working together in a team and it really got us to reflect on our roles and how we can improve our teamwork.

Evidently, when reflecting we showed a lot of positive results, because we immediately started assigning roles for each person. We made sure we had our spokesperson, blogger and someone taking notes on MeetingWords.

To be honest, all of us can admit that we were pretty productive today and that dividing roles allowed us to be more productivite and a lot more faster. What is also important, is dividing roles according to everyone’s expertise so that everyone can give their best and be motivated while doing so. It made the workload seem less, when really the secret ingredient was teamwork!

Working in groups can be difficult especially when they are too big. Yes, you can get a lot more diverse ideas, but when it comes to teamwork it becomes hard to take control of everything happening. Crowdsourcing is a bonus in big groups, but even communication can be a little hard. We as a group found that dividing our groups into smaller groups is much easier.

Communication is also essential and definitely has made our team a lot more committed to our meetings, tasks and inquiries. We only use our Facebook Group which we share notices on and ideas through videos. We find this to be a great platform for communicating, because it’s easy to use and we all have it. We’re also able to communicate all at once which is also an advantage.

Our plan is, to divide our group into 3’s as this will help us to be able to focus more on our task and become more productive and creative as our tasks would then be clear and specific. We should then during our weekly meetings collect all our work and start brainstorming and developing ideas that could connect to our NGO. We think this is a great plan, as we also realised that we were able to brainstorm very well when we had done previous research as that acts as an insight and starting point for creative ideas.

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  1. magy khalil says:

    One of the main advantages in working in a team is that it gives everyone involved a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also spreads out the workload evenly so that no one person is doing all of the work alone. Helping out your team gets much more work done in a shorter amount of time and makes most businesses run more smoothly.  I hope you enjoyed it and gained a good experience as a team member. Good writing Yomna.

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