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Q&A from MeetingWords

Advice of how we can get the best out of the group?
Do you know any roles to give some of our groupmembers, do divide more tasks?
What do you think is the ideal group size? —> for what?
Put them randomly together, or is it better to choose the group by themself?
1) Attend, act/take part, subgroups (assign roles/tasks)
Follow advice from video:
  • Even/uneven numbers - good for different activities
  • speaker-speaker-spectator model (for harvesting and sharing info)

2) Leader, editor, spokesperson, notetaker, researcher, envisioner, tech. steward

3) Four

  • possibility to sub-group
  • possibility to use speaker-speaker-spectator (for better feedback : switch 1 person or switch roles)

4) Random

  • Good : diversity/experience
  • Bad : never know, possible conflicts


  • Good : maybe work productive with certain people
  • Bad : maybe work less productive with certian people

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Final Video

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  • Nancy White { OK, your tips are the most practical ones I've read so far. WONDERFUL. Thanks, Fer. Thanks for being part of Project Community Nancy } – Dec 18, 5:46 AM
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