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Work teams – tips for grouping up [video]

Regarding group size:

  • smaller groups - better work
  • bigger groups - provides diversity in ideas thanks to multiple sources

Edge paradigm:

  • one edge, all collaboration components interact with one single instance
  • more edges - more components (subgroups), each with it’s own tasks/duties; all collaborate later by combining the subgroups in to bigger subgroups or one big one

Even/uneven numbers:

  • 1 - good for creativity, beggining an innovation process, coming up with ideas
  • 2 (even) - good for stabilizing/planning
  • 3 (uneven) - desabilized, better for creative processes
  • 5+ - not good for creativity, loss of the diversity component (introverts usually fall out of the conversation)
  • bigger/whole groups - propagating

Getting to know what people want

Best way to do this is in a group of 3, which is made up by 2 speakers and 1 spectator, who simply listens to the conversation or listens and takes notes, thus maintaining (harvesting) as much information about the topic as possible.

STARR method of systemised reflection:

  • S - Situation
  • T - Task
  • A - Action/Approach
  • R - Result
  • R - Reflection
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Final Video

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