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Me and my network

The first thing when I wake up is to check the Apps on my phone, like QQ(Chinese) WeChat(Chinese)RenRen(Chinese) Weibo(Chinese) Facebook. Online spaces already becomes a part of my life. When I am on bus I check it, when I am smoking I look at it, when I go to bed I skim if there anything I miss today.

As long as I join into online spaces I can not be individual whatever I want to keep it private. This is what network work. It connect people from different timezone or different countries together, intersect , interact. 

My own online spaces experience is a long story. I remember it was 10 years ago when I step into online spaces which was regarded a breakthrough that time. QQ is my first experience. It was a chat tool as founded and now it becomes the biggest social software in China. It is not a simple chat tool anymore I can post pictures and invite friends to play games and so on. Although It has been ten years I still use QQ very often. WeChat and Weibo are rising recent years because these two software focus on the different aspect from QQ. WeChat is the best online spaces, I have ever known, to protect costumers’ privacy. Another factor make it outstanding is that people can talk on WeChat mostly like intercom. Weibo is the same as Twitter where I read news usually. Now I am studying in Holland there online spaces keep me with my family and friends. I post everything interesting on then they can know what is going on the other side of our planet. And I always skype with my friends over 6 hours timezone for example when I come back from university they are ready to sleep. But whatever  bad the situation is, I try as much as I can to keep in touch with my fellows. 

Now I want to talk about my online spaces on abroad! Facebook is forbidden in China. I just started to use Facebook one year ago and now I am still sort of exploring it. I have to say Facebook does help me a lot. At the first few days I do not know where to go, I do not know where interesting events take place. However Facebook saved me. Now I am involved into two groups which are NEW OPEN INNOVATORS and GROUP 8 PROJECT COMM. If I meet any problem or have question I always go to groups to search or ask help. Some kind peers will post useful sites and interesting articles or video on it to help us. 

At last I want to quote some words very popular in Chinese online spaces. Translated to, However fragile our relationship is, if I turn off computer and cellphone you might never reach me for the whole life.

Network is good but remember connect to people

Thanks for reading

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2 comments on “Me and my network
  1. Tianzixuan says:

    Lucie thanks for reply. I do not agree with you too much, because of my own situation. First of all, time difference make me and my friends in China contact very difficult like after finishing in university I am ready to go home to talk to them but it is already midnight in China. So I have to follow them on online spaces to know what happen to them. Another reason is culture difference I say. If I was “lost” my friends will blame on me and ask why contact to them. We,Chinese, think this is how friendship is. Indeed sometimes I leave devices when it is only on holiday.
    As for last words you said of course we could talk in personal I do not think it is an appropriate place to talk

  2. Lucie says:

    It was very interesting for me to read about your online spaces and how you use them. I also use online spaces to keep in touch with my friends and family, but don’t you sometimes feel that I would be nice to just turn of all the devices and be not available?

    I would love to know more about the way people in China deal with the prohibition of using facebook, maybe we can discuss that at another point?! 🙂

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