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Weekly GuIDE 2

This week, I was introduced to technology stewardship which I found very interesting as it related to me in various ways. Being able to manage your digital identity for others to see is important as it allows you to define yourself as a person but also manage the knowledge you have of the technological tools around you.

One thing that people should know is that I’m quite “old school” to certain extents; in the sense that I value life’s offerings more than what technology offers. I prefer writing and doing my work on paper rather than having to do everything online. I also like interacting with people face-to-face, because it feels more “real” to me. Arguably, that does not mean that I do not appreciate technology, or that I am oblivious to the highly technological world that is surrounding us, in fact I try to keep myself up-to-date with technology all the time.

I’m really happy that I got the chance to share this on my blog, because my experience with technology is pretty unique and my stance towards technology has perhaps radically changed throughout the years. I remember when I first heard about MSN and how amazed and mesmerized I was with the idea of being able to “chat”. It may sound stupid now, but at that time, it was magical! I then started to realize that I could implement myself into a virtual world and meet other people through, what at that time was a hit, the online game Club Penguin.

Conversely, I realised that not many people mentioned the danger that online communication/technological tools can carry, such as identity theft or fabricated Photoshop pictures. I also remember watching Oprah Winfrey and the vicious stories she shared with the world about online chatting with strangers. As you may have guessed, this was of course related to Facebook!

I then realised the rise in technology and the online communities. Everyone started to depend on technology; from e-commerce to school portals to sharing creativity and ideas. Also, new tools began to become a trend such as Photoshop.

Nevertheless, I decided to make a Facebook account and started “Facebooking”. Shortly after, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account for about 3 years long and I experienced a metamorphosis in my thoughts and views towards technology.

So here was my technological solution to all this; I call it Google. I faced boredom because of the absence of social networks which reminded me of our discussion about boredom in Collateral Value after having watched a TED video. We discussed the value of boredom, however boredom nowadays is very rare as we always have something to distract us within this highly technological world.

While all the girls were stalking their ex-boyfriends on Facebook, I in contrast found out more about myself; my talents, skills, passions etc. I at first started with my passion for watching movies and did that when I was bored. Gradually, I started to learn a lot from movies. People usually think that watching movies is blocking your imagination, but I perceived it differently. I learned new vocabulary from movies, by looking them up and I learned a lot about the themes that the movies focused on. I then got into the habit of researching, and let me tell you, I am a freak when it comes to researching!

Researching aka “Googling”, was my secret tool you could say, because that’s how I kept socially and technologically up-to-date without having to have a Facebook or any other account. However, what enlightened me the most was to sit and read about everything online; from articles to social networks to everything. That to me was like being socially and technologically active “behind the scenes”.

The Egyptian revolution on the 25th of January, 2011, had a lot of ties with technology. In fact, I had to write an essay about the influence of technology on the revolution, so if you’d like me to post it then please do tell me. This revolution was also recognized as a technological revolution as it started on Facebook and the technological tools were used for communication amid the community. It is then when I realised that those tools can also be used to share ideas and thoughts and exchange opinions.

I love technology and honour it in many ways. I myself prefer simple tools like WhatsApp, just to be able to talk to people that I care about across the globe. On the other hand, Facebook is great as well and it allows for digital identity and room for a lot of personal branding. In the case of our NGO, Solidaridad, they are looking for a platform that will allow them to maximize the exchange of knowledge between the workers within the company and that is related to branding your identity. I myself like to keep a low-profile and even though I didn’t like the idea of having to keep on track with all of our work online, I think it’s important, because this world depends on technology, so I can run from it now but sooner or later it will hit me in the face. People like me who like paper work and face-to-face communication/interaction will have to adapt, and that comes easily with me. So to my group and others, this is how I can help you and these are some of my strengths with technology:

·         I’m a fast learner with new technology tools.

·         I research everything. So I will find a way to find an answer to what I am researching for!

·         I took ICT and have basic knowledge in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Access. So, I hope I can share what I remember.

·         I did volunteer work and got the experience to work with Photoshop, so I know the basics of Photoshop, which was majorly self-taught.

·         I’ve worked a lot with Movie Maker so I hope that could be of some use as well!

Frankly, I could’ve easily said that I knew all about these different kinds of tools, because I would’ve presumably researched them beforehand and told you so. But I didn’t. The point is, if I don’t know how it works, I will find out, because technology is available to make our lives easier not complicated, and there are billions of generous people out there willing to share their expertise with others through videos, blogs etc. SO if I don’t know the answer, then Google surely will!

P.s. I wanted to firstly ask if I could get some sort of feedback as to how I could go from a grade “Good” to “Excellent” as the “comment” column on the Grading List was left blank for my name. Secondly, Tumblr publishes my blog with a new date every time I edit my blog. I like to go back the next day and read through it, but it always alters the publication date to the day I edited it not to the day I actually published it, which happened with my previous blog post, so can that be changed?

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2 comments on “Weekly GuIDE 2
  1. Miri says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post very much.
    As I understood you are not on facebook?
    Do you have the feeling, that you miss a lot regarding university stuff? And if yes, what would you suggest to change, that even people, who are not on facebook can take part in discussions. CU


  2. shahab says:

    Yomna, your blog post is very interesting as you accompany your discussion with your personal experience and external references. And, please, also post your essay about the effect of social media in the revolution.

    Very elaborate and your blog will end up to a nice discussion once I meet your group.

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