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the Steward

Today, we are experiencing a never-ending demand for introducing more and more new technologies. Absolutely every possible thing in the world is getting mechanicalized. This, in turn, brings up the need for obtaining and spreading knowledge concerning the implementation of these new tools or services. And, as in any field, there are people, who specialize in particularly assisting others with the use of new technologies or customizing something in the internet. From now on, I will know, that these specialists are called Technology Stewarts.

And now to the part about my relationship with infotechnologies. I am not that well-acquainted with any programs meant for work, but I definitely use enough entertaining or social tools, for instance : Facebook, Pinterest, Messengers of all kinds etc. These are not as helpful for assignments though, normally even somewhat harmful.

So I am surely not the person you would ask for advice on using something in the internet.However, if I take my time, I usually figure things out, like it has already happened with BlackBoard, MeetingWords and Google Hangouts. I hope this trend will continue going on and I will manage to keep up with the implementation of these new (for me) tools.

My most important impression on this week’s lesson was the convenience of the Spidergram method of sorting and grading every aspect of whatever you are doing. I even got a little upset nobody gave this kind of tool to us at highschool and now I am actually planning to use this to help me make hard decisions in everyday life.


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4 comments on “the Steward
  1. shahab says:

    Hi Nikita, I am also wondering what you think about your digital identity? How your skills in dealing with the online tools, are reflected in your digital identity?

    • Nikita says:

      My digital identity has been formed throughout years of using different social platforms. My favourite part of managing it is that you can always decide what people know/see about you, and, if you want to, you could always lie and create any time of image of yourself for the people to see. It is sometimes fun to hear people discuss things about each other that were made up just for fun.

      The fairly poor skills I have are not presented anywhere at all. Maybe you could find proof that we used to use Google Docs at IT lessons in school, but that’s as far as it gets.

  2. Hi, Could you add your name here? I think you definately have more to offer than you realize. I use Facebook now for 80% work related posts… but finally I’ve found a way to not get too distracted from the constant steam of messages.

    Which do you pick up first? A book or your ipad/phone? Do you start reading a story before you have finished all your email?
    Just curious as to how you manage the stream of digital input.

    • Nikita says:

      The answer to your question about what I pick up first differs depending on the situation. In some cases I might want academical or scientific information (something very definite and precise) – this I would look for in books. And in other cases, for instance if I need broader information, I use the internet. But I still download books to my tablet or phone before I read them though 🙂

      And regarding your other question – well, first I do whatever catches most of my interest, because I tend to get carried away and can stay doing one thing for a huge amount of time if it really has something in it that attracts me.

      I am generally bad at managing time and the enormous information stream, but, as I said, if I get interested in that for some reason one day, I will commit the whole day to organizing the info and finding a way to catch up.

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