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Weekly GuIDE 1

For starters, I can’t believe that my first ever blog post is about my studies in Industrial Design Engineering, but hey, it’s my future, so I guess this is of much more value than any other random blog I would’ve posted.

SO starting the course with exploring the connections between NGO’s and our IDE course is already a great start as we are contributing to a good deed with our own innovative and creative thoughts as well as our skills and talents. What I think I learned is that team work is probably the most important think in this course. With an internationally diverse group of students I think our course will not only help us generate new ideas, but also learn from each other. Living in a world were globalisation is increasing substantially, I think being able to collaborate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds is a great advantage as that would formulate immense ideas within our class.

Goals are essential in life as I believe that having the will and motivation to do something is already 50% of the idea completed. Our goals seem to have been clear from the start. We all wanted to become designers in all sorts of ways, but on the way to reaching our goals we had to also think about discovering our own strengths and weaknesses in order to finally figure out what we wanted to specialize in. I also think that we as designers wanted to make a difference in the world, as we were always exploring solutions for the world and we always tried to figure out how we could incorporate our innovative minds. However, I believe that there are steps to that such as hard work, commitment and teamwork.

In a world where technology is an essential part of our daily lives, I think I want to learn how we as innovators can improve this connectivity between everyone in the world. However, we also live in a world that is in my opinion lacking unity, and I think that innovators can make a difference. Yet again, there are always disadvantages to everything, so I’d also like to learn how innovators can make things better as well as considering the ethical implications of our influence on the world.

Working in a team for our first assignment is in a sense achieving our goal of teamwork. I think we must learn to create synergy, learn from each other and exchange opinions and ideas to form a complete puzzle generated from pieces that were scattered away from each other, and yet formed a masterpiece. I’d want and expect our team’s project to be as creative and as unique as possible, because I really think that coming from such diverse nationalities will allow us to incorporate many different yet extraordinary and exotic ideas.

I hope that I can contribute in my team with what I’ve learned from my experiences in life and with my international background as that would probably bring new ideas to the project. I don’t have a specific quality but I do know that I am determined to work hard and that even though working in teams is quite hard, I still believe that we will be cooperating very well.

Ultimately, what really sums up what I’ve learned in the past week and what will be my guide for the future is what Confucius once said and that is to, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

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4 comments on “Weekly GuIDE 1
  1. shahab says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the you are experiencing and thinking about collaboration between people from different cultural backgrounds? And, isn’t it even more interesting when the advice you are giving to the NGO is actually in a “large scale” of what you’re experiencing with your team members?

  2. Nancy White says:

    Wow, Yomna, I love how you got me thinking with this concept of unity and innovation. FANTASTIC. I want to think about that more and I’m looking forward to what you learn/discover/invent/design around the idea. And I appreciate your inclusion of ethics — something that we can forget. I remember years ago when I first started working with online communities and networks (1996) someone said technology is value neutral. That has not been my experience. Design is not neutral. We bring our values and beliefs into everything we create!

    KEEP GOING — You are on a great track…

    • Tianzixuan says:

      Nancy White You said design is not neutral then I thought about designer for a while. Perhaps each designer is not neutral neither. Someone is positive another is negative so they could work well together. It also could be little secret among teamwork.

      • Nancy White says:

        Ah, yes, if we can find a way to use our diversity (i.e. + and – in this case) it is a strength. When it divides us, it is a weakness. I have to look inside myself for the same thing. I find my strengths and weaknesses are often mirror images of each other. 😉

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