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Once this group convenes and develops its project focus and team name, this will tell you more about this group.

last blog post of this module!!!

I have learnt sooo much this module, it started very confusing and now its much more clear but still a hard subject though.

The most important thing I have learnt about using online communities is that it is actually something we use all the time without actually noticing it. But because of this course we had to think about it very carefully and this is why we have found out a lot of new facilities and even facilities which we already used to work with but now we learned to use them even in a better way.

It was a whole new experience to learn about new ways of communications in such a way like the google hangouts (which I had never heard about) and writing blogs, which I found quite hard as I am not a good writer and I dont really enjoy it, but now I realised that blog writing is actually different as it’s about your experiences and usefull info which you can share with others.

The way how we got a client and have to work for him/her is really cool as it means that it’s real and not just an imaginary task. This makes you want to work harder and really want to come up with great ideas.

My design principals are:                                                                            Follow the NGO’s wishes to provide the right work.

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Hello everyone,

So the end is near , or at least the deadline is due soon J . Through these 8 weeks we have learned and experienced a lot . We went through ups and downs and on the final stretch we came together as a team .

So in conclusion I learned that the most important thing is to work in a team and distribute the amount of work properly . Because this the perfect way for us to function as supposed to and not some of us to get overworked while others sit around and just wait .

For me personally the most important things about using online communities and networks in innovative design  was crowdsourcing and crowdfunding  . Especially crowdfunding , because sometimes people have enormous potential and great ideas , but they don’t have the funds to turn their ideas into actual products or whatever they want to do . It is a win win situation . And crowdfunding is for the people on the opposite side of the metaphorical line . People who have the means but not the ideas . I think this is the future of all my prospective projects .

When it comes to design principles I think I explained my idea with the distribution of labour.

For any upcoming student I recommend to get to know his/hers teammates before starting with the project , because that’s the most efficient way to do work .

and here is a funny picture :

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the end is near

So, we made it to the last week. For me, the most important thing we learned regarding the use of online communities is the fact that collaboration does not always cross out individual originality. I am pretty sure that I was not the only person who had the idea that outsourcing one’s issues might make the one seam weak or incompetent in his/her area of expertise. This said, I think it’s safe to say that I discovered a whole new world for assisting my design works in the future. 

We learned about crowdsourcing, which I now consider a brilliant idea for both getting out of no-go situations and looking at one’s idea from an endless amount of various angles. Thus, it eliminates the limitation of resources, making pretty much everything possible and every problem solvable. The fact that it enables multiple approaches to one thing makes it possible for the designer to take more factors into consideration (for example cultural and age differences). These key features of using the crowd makes the design more elaborate and well-thought-out.

So crowdsourcing could be considered as the core element of Open innovation, as it implies collaboration with people/instances from all over the world by exposing one’s idea or posting a question for random people to answer.

I was also fascinated by the amount and variety of different tools and widgets some of the platforms have to offer and how convenient they can get. For instance, while researching different tools for effective collaboration, I stumbled upon a platform/website called Meetingspere which had a very interesting and convenient discussion tool. The convenience of this tool comes from the fact that one discussion is split up into multiple topics which can be seen in separate speech bubbles to all the participants of the conversation, allowing them to contribute to and to follow each topic separately, thus creating a structure for all messages sent.

And now to my design principles regarding online communities

  • Use every chance to get to know more about the community/network - most of the time the details you need are not obvious
  • Explore the range of alternative communities (rather than just researching a fixed one) - some might have better tools for the same functions
  • Sometimes you have to “kill your darlings” to make room for better ones - originality is always valuable, but in some cases productivity, accessibility or maintenance-related issues matter more
  • Always keep the end customer (all of them) in mind - because it’s his/her need you are trying to fulfill; in online communities this is very important since most of the elderly people are not as good with technology as younger users.
  • Do not add anything unless it is absolutely necessary

*some of the principles were inspired by this post

To the next year’s students:

  • try as hard as you can to keep up with both the teamwork and the additional links from students/tutors
  • taking notes really helps
  • keep your documentation/notes/ideas in one place
  • dare to ask
  • keep in mind that all your group members are different people from different backgrounds


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Hello everyone !

So this is the end, and we are almost done with our project. In my opinion, the most important and common thing I’ve learned from this Project Community class is Teamwork. Working in teams is good and useful not only for innovative design, but for every work. More people - more ideas and more opinions.

Then, back to our group. As Ihsan said : “When every group member knows what he has to do and when the deadline for such a work is, it makes it easier by compleeting every piece of work at every time when we meet and when we all got the work we have to do, this makes the whole process goes gradually and more efficient.”
I completely agree with her. Actually, if you know when your deadline is, you can plan you time in a proper way and not waste it.

Now we are at the point when everyone has to work hard, because this is the end. Everyone has his/her part in a presentation and every part is important, so every group member has to participate. We are communicating online all the time and everything is going in a right way I suppose…

The last thing I want to say is that in my point of view crowdsourcing is a perfect way to get feedback about your innovative idea. Also, crowsourcing can help team gather the information needed. It is a simple way of making your project better and complete.

Rays of Love,

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As it comes to the end of Project Community course, I had a look back on what I have learned in this period, I didn’t notice that I had learned so much thing during our research on project for our client. Most of working time was spent on networks and indeed I gained plenty of knowledge from internet. Now if I started a project, I won’t be blind and don’t know where to go because I already have so much experience.It is really hard to say what is the most important thing during network. If I had to say, I think I am inspired most from online communities. If I got stuck on something, I will go to online communities, reading some articles, seeing pictures. Then I am inspired. Even what inspired me is not important for authors but it help me out. Having a look on those successful design product, they are all designed after designers were inspired by accident moment. But not anybody can notice and be aware what is useful. So keeping opened eyes is very important during networks. 

Talking about design principle for online communities. I think “make it useful” is very important. Nowadays, it is an internet booming time. There are so many online communities, some got famous, some got lost, some even never exist. Why it happens? In my opinion, it is because how practical those are. I know some online communities have attractive appearance but not so functional as users expect. 

Final words on project community info! Overall, how to work in a team is most valuable what I have learned in the course. I had some insight from teamwork. First of all is the team spirit. If you don’t have team spirit you are like homeless. And all team members are your family and all of you need to help each other to get work done. Second is clear assigned task. Everybody find his good-at and work on it. Do not take responsibility what you can not do otherwise it will damage your team work. 

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The theme I personally think helped us the most was the theme work teams. That was the week where I…

The theme I personally think helped us the most was the theme work teams.

That was the week where I felt that we where acctually starting to work together and that helped us to be able to work harder and focus on the project instead of focussing on who is on the meetings and when we should meet and what we actually should do.

We are working on one line now and I notice that when there is a good leader in the group, this will help the others to work hard. We had one person who became active at some point and that was the point where we all had the idea of we have to do something, well to be honest not all of us but most of us.

When every group member knows what he has to do and when the deadline for such a work is, it makes it easier by compleeting every piece of work at every time when we meet and when we all got the work we have to do, this makes the whole process goes gradually and more efficient.

Understanding the tasks is another very important thing, when we don’t really get what we have to do we spend hours only trying to figure this out, this cost us time and thats not really usefull.

the only problem we are facing now is that the group is still not complete and we need the full participation of every person, because it’s a fact that more brains bring more ideas, but untill now I am actually really happy with the progress we made in the last weeks, those next weeks are going to be really hard and we have to make sure we keep up the good work and keep the negative things away so we can provide the same work as we did the last couple of weeks.

proud of the group!! keep the good work up guys…

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Week 7

Since the first week of Project Communities, we have brought up multiple topics, all of which play their role in the work of both NGOs and our future projects. By looking for ways to apply them to improve our project NGO’s performance, we get an experience of searching for solutions in fields that may be of use for our future design/innovation works.

Our group’s challenge is to provide an efficient personal branding strategy for the NGO Solidaridad using Drupal Commons as a social platform. We are close to this goal, however there is definitely some more work to do.

In my opinion, the most useful theme of the ones we’ve learned about in class would be technology stewardship as we are currently a little stuck with all of our ideas, since we don’t know if it is possible to apply them to Drupal Commons or not. I had a brief conversation with one of Acquia’s (Drupal) workers, but received no feedback regarding the applicability of our solutions. So, at this point, we are hoping all of the suggestions we have are possible to implement inside Drupal. Tech-stewardship is obviously important since we are re-designing or adding new features to an online social platform.

Another useful thing to know about was working in groups, since we had problems with focusing on our work and making it sufficient/productive. From the point of not knowing where and how to start we thus went on to structurized and efficient group work and I hope it will remain that way.

I think that I cannot decide who or what will be the key to success without my group, but I think the one thing that might be called crucial in our challenge should be motivation. And I’m not concerning motivation in our group’s work (it is as important, but let’s stay on the topic), I mean motivation for the Solidaridad employees to actually use this platform with the best outcomes - exposing their experiences and interests, collaboration, sharing information and insights. Taking this into consideration, our goal is to motivate Solidaridad’s users of Drupal to use it and take the most out of it. Because if they don’t - all of our other suggestions become useless.

We have a couple of ideas regarding how to have the employees use Drupal for personal branding, for instance, providing incentives for the active use of the platform (yes, it is an NGO, and no, not financial bonuses). We also have some ideas on how to make the ones that remain unmotivated spend less time on building up their personal brand.

Hope you liked it.


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is it finale ?

Hello everyone !

Only 2 weeks left till the end of our project. We’ve learned a lot of things during these 2 months. But the main thing about this project was teamwork. We understood how to work in a group and how to share out thoughts with each other. We became friends with each other.In my opinion the most important topic, related to our project was crowdsourcing. We asked our tutor , we asked Maarten, we asked people around what do they think about our ideas. They gave us feedback and we improved our work. 

In my point of view , everyone/everything is important during the project. If someone is missing, we can not work in full force. I don’t think that the “Leader” role in a team in that important. At first, we decided that Martin will be the Leader, but then Ihsan shifted all the responsibility. And then Nikita started being superproductive and responsible for the team. Anyway I think that everyone is important and significant.

We have to work hard for the next 2 weeks. We have to work on our presentation. I think that everyone had already imagined in mind how it will look. But then there is a very important next step : materialisation and performing. Here marketing can help a lot. We have to introduce our final idea to Solidaridad and we have to show all at its best, to present all the values of our precious project.

Anyway, teamwork plays the key role in achieving success. 

Rays of Love,


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Week 7

We have been working on our project for 7 weeks now.We’ve learned about  crowdsourcing,crowdfunding,about marketing,how to work with and in a team,etc.It has all been very interesting and helpful.I have noticed that all this things have one thing in common-they’re all group related.

Ever since the introduction week we have been working in groups and teams.We have group meetings,group projects  and in the end we will be graded as a group.We may have had some struggle with teamwork in the beginning,but we managed to do everything we were assigned to do.Some people prefer to work alone,but doing so damages our group rhythm,and then we have to go back or explain which results in time loss.And time is something nobody can afford to lose.So no matter what we do individually,in the end we have to come together as a team and work together,because even one person can set the whole group back.

Last week we talked about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.We saw some examples for both and discovered new ways to help our and any future project.Eventough I don’t see how crowdfunding can’t help us in this particular project, we now know a new and better way for funding with even better results,because while we’re being funded we are expanding.It’s a different thing when it comes to crowdsourcing.We have been using crowdsourcing for a tool to match our NGO’s needs.We asked him and other people what to do and how to do it so we work in the right direction.We gathered feedback and continued.We can use crowdsourcing to save some time and find the answers for our problems.

Another thing that I think will be helpful for our presentation  is marketing,because after all what is and great idea without the proper introduction.We must be able to communicate the value of our product to our customer and find a way to stand out in the crowd.Even if our idea isn’t unique and the best one,if we present it correctly we may  achieve the success everybody wants.

 Thank you.

and here is a picture that represents something i wrote about in one of my previous blogs:

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After having been working on how to apply Personal Branding strategy to Solidaridad social intranet, the final solution is coming clear. In our proposal, motivation(employees-self), filesharing and time-consuming play very important roles which determine this project is a successful one or not.

Motivation is required whatever you do. Why people go to university to seek higher diploma even though they can find a job? Because people generally think higher certificate means better jobs and higher salary. That is motivation. More simply, why we chose IDE programme? Because we just love design. This is also motivation. Nothing could be done without motivation as motivation gives you energy and faith. It is the thing to push you move forwards. Applied in our project, a possible problem is that employees do not have motivation to be involved which results the whole intranet is insignificant. We came up with some ideas to attract them. Main concept is to award “digital employee of the month” to the most active staff. Providing reasonable bonuses of course would be more effective way if it is possible. 

Another important role in process is time-consuming. When I search on Solidaridad website, I found some employees have more than one position in company. Time for them is most important thing during work. So our aim is to solve time-consuming problem for this kind of employees. One practical option is to improve a little bit  to apply audio/video post on Drupal. If we can manage it, those busy employees even can post when they on subway or bus. 

Since Solidaridad is a multinational organization, knowledge exchange becomes a very important part of operating. We decide use tags/category into intranet system. With it, it is much more easier for employees to search information appeared before. For example, Solidaredad is working on a project about sugarcane. Employees just need to type sugarcane on website then all posts related to sugarcane are able to be seen. 

Thanks for reading.

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