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WEEK 5- Work teams

Ok, Its week 5 now and everything is going pretty well. This weeks theme is team. It’s always great to have a little thinking in that direction because it’s the base of every organization and every company in the world. 

Let’s look at our awesome group now. 
I think what is really going well with us now is that we get along pretty well. There is a generally good mood among us and that helps us and motivates us to work better. On the other hand we find some trouble organizing a group meeting during the week, so we can assume that the “out of school communication” is kind of a problem for us. I actually consider this for not that big of a problem because nowadays there is facebook, emails etc. and so much sharing possibilities and if we use them well enough we’ll be just fine. We have to communicate more actively and considering most of us are living pretty close to each other it should not be problem to organize a meeting for the group. 

What is impact of size? Well, we can say that this is pretty obvious because we can simple say “two heads think better then one”. The are more ideas incoming when we work as a team and we can always choose the best one and of course a well organized team has a lot bigger rate. 
In our group there is a huge variety of different cultures. In my opinion this is beneficial when we look at the fact that we are solving a task for our NGO considering their offices around the world. 

To sum up, I find my group great and full of bright minds. We will deal with all our tasks perfectly if we overcome some small problems. 

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