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…aaaand Cut!

Closing in on the end and final judgment of our work, I can’t help but feel anxious in a way like a newcomer to Hollywood who was lucky enough to land a main role in the next big flick, and can’t think of anything but that the movie has to be good. Great in fact, because that nobody has put his heart and soul into this one in a million opportunity to be part of something that just has to be mind-blowing… doesn’t it?
It’s that nagging question in the back of your head that against all your confidence refuses to go silent, that appendix to a boastful sentence, that manages just a little to shake all your self-assuredness. Isn’t it?
We all like to believe that we have the best that anyone could’ve come up with given similar circumstances. Working in a strange new environment with only the tools given, your brains, your teams, your… communities? I still can’t honestly say that I have understood what this word actually means in this context. Is it the far-distance-relationships that cling onto their dear life against all odds? Is the great move from physical face to face interactions of a conventional workplace to the digital plains in our very own teams? I like to think that it’s all that and more. Also I’d like to state that I truly appreciate Nancy’s newly coined word ‘confusiasm’ at this stage.
I’d also like to thank whoever brought the Zen principles to my attention, I can deeply identify myself with them. I’m actually considering Buddhism at this point. I’d also add oppenness to those. I’ve heard a very compelling story about inviting all manner of strangeness into our lives, and applying that has made my life richer. Communication is essential for any form of network or community. It is the fabric of which it is made.

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  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Could you give us a link to that story?

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