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…aaand Cut! Part 2

I also think that having an open and constant stream of communication is the most important thing I’ve learned during this. It’s not a lesson I personally will have learned overnight, but it certainly shifted my attention for future endeavors of this or any other nature really. Even your greatest ideas could get lost in the ocean of your silence and will slowly drift from memory. We are social creatures after all, overcoming any and all barriers that would otherwise shut you up in certain situations should be your main objective. I am appealing to you dear follower of our footsteps. Challenge authority! Ask the uncomfortable questions, stir things up! That will only open up many new interesting questions to be answered. I think that is the essence of this course. Charting your way through team dynamics, speaking up and not letting your voice disappear in the mist. Invaluable experience indeed. Kudos for setting it all up, cheers to Nancy, Alan and all our tutors.

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  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Efe

    Sorry for this very late response… I’m finally catching up after too much travel. I have been reflecting on your two final posts, about the importance of speaking up and some puzzlement over community. It is interesting to me because there is something very important about the tension between the individual and the group (in this case, community) that shows up in your reflections. We must both be strong individuals, speak up, be unafraid, and at the same time find the place of belonging with others that sometimes asks us to listen. It is a fabulous and important tension – NOT one to be “resolved,” but one to be lived. I hope you thrive living in that space going forward


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