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8th Week

I found out that I still cannot use them. Though I am born in a digital native era, I never found technology interesting. But know I am a proud Tumblr-Blogger. But in comparison with my knowledge from before, I can say that using these types of networks are pretty handy if you are trying to work in a big group like a class. But for personal reasons or even in a company I would not wok this way. I like it oldschool with paper and pen, communicating by talking and maybe more innovative.

My design principles would be the same principals I have for life:

Respect the elders, in this case the big designers and their style.

Take your time.

Work hard, try not to be satisfied with the first draft ‘keep designing ‘keep innovating.

‘’Fortis Fortuna adiuvat’’ , Fortune helps the strong, in this case ‘’Luck is usually on the side of those who take risks’’ and by that I mean trying hard and risking will reward you.

Try working in groups to achieve maximum creativity.


Dear future IDE student, please pay attention in class and do not get distracted to much by the free good wifi. J But joke aside, it is very important to get the most out of the classes and do that by listening but even if you not sure about something ask immediately the teacher. And the most important thing is ‘’Time Management’’. If you do not start you work early you might end up with too much work. Try to do soething for every subject everyweek a little bit and you will be rewarded again.

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One comment on “8th Week
  1. Nancy White says:

    Dear Proud Tumblr Blogger – YOU DID IT!

    Sorry for this very late comment… I’m finally finding time to come and comment on people’s last posts!

    I cracked up when I read ” do not get distracted to much by the free good wifi.” Ha! Seriously, good advice on time management!



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