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Week 8 Assignment

What is the one most important thing I have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

This is a pretty simple question to answer as I had little knowledge about online communities and networks. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. The most important thing I have learned is probably that, as a designer you are no longer alone, you don’t sit in a room all by yourself talking to no one. Instead by being open-minded, people all over the world may access your design ideas on the web and vice versa. This makes it simpler to gain insight on how your design is viewed on both a regional aspect as well as on a cultural. If the idea is successful one can, using crowdfunding invest in startup capital to eventual nurture his design as they grow.

Another thing that I found out is crucial in making a successful design is teamwork. Sometimes you do not need to go online. Instead, especially with a group like we had we already had a mixture of multicultural backgrounds. This means that teamwork is on a smaller scale is a representation of online communities, as our group became a small community. This applied directly to our NGO as the business is spread over multiple regions and require a means of improve communication between these regions. This was very similar to our group as communication was an area we lacked in. However when communication was on point so were our ideas and this lead to a great design.


What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

I personally am split between these two design principles: Good design is as little design as possible and Good design is innovative. I believe that it is true that the possibilities for innovation are not exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. However it is also true that a good design is as little design as possible, this is because it concentrates on the essential aspects and it removes all the non-essentials only displaying the core. This sometimes means that something that is simple is not necessarily easy, as work needs to be put in to remove the non-essentials.


What would you tell next year’s class about the course?

 For those who will be doing this study I would tell them: you will be very confused for the first few weeks but just keep trying and don’t be afraid to say any ideas that come to mind. The most important aspect however is teamwork it would make working a lot more efficient if roles are distributed depending on what each member wants to do. This is because people will work on what they, themselves chose to do.

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One comment on “Week 8 Assignment
  1. Nancy White says:

    As I read your post, a title came to mind, inspired by your thoughts: “you are no longer alone!” That line in your post made me smile, 6000 miles away.

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


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