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The Final stretch

I find the wast couple of weeks to have been really helpful for me and as i can see to my classmates too. All of the topics we’ve been trough have their own specific benefits and all of them are going to be useful in the future. Of course I have to say which one I learned from the most and even if I want to say- the whole thing, I can’t. So I’m going to go for the thing which I think was the main one and the one which can actually define the whole picture and it is TEAMWORK. 

During my previous education almost all of my tasks and assignments have been personal and we barely did group ones. Considering this I can say that I didn’t have any experience with teamwork. I have noticed the benefits of it and of course some of the cons. For example I noticed that when there is a problem in front of you It’s easier to solve it as a team than by yourself, also 4 or 5 heads think better then just one. I have also seen that sometimes may be a difference in the characters and the situation can get a little edgy and some points but that’s why the other members are there to balance the difference and solve the problem. I can compere this topic to our NGO because basically they are, as well as all of the companies, a big team and in order to be successful it’s crucial for them to have a good working team. 

I’m also going to talk a little bit about my design principles here. I believe that any product should be simple and friendly- because it’s easier  for the client to understand it and to be able to handle it and of course, why make their lives even more difficult. Secondly it should be extremely efficient because we don’t want to disappoint our clients and we would like our product to be the best of it’s kind. So now we have “simple” and “efficient”, looking at those together what we may think? BORING, or at least most of the people will think of that and we know that this could be a major problem so we are putting our best efforts in that direction. 

So what can I say to the next year students? This project was special because it is so early in your education but at the same time really serious but to be able to manage it easily the basic thing are to always pay attention to your task be really goal orientated and always seek for solutions. Another thing is that you are gonna be placed in teams and you should try to have the best possible communication and you have to have patience with the other members in your team. 

I had a GREAT time. 

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One comment on “The Final stretch
  1. Nancy White says:

    I’m glad you had a GREAT time. As I’ve been reading, I keep wondering if someone would mention FUN as a design principle. (I guess I’m influenced by writing this while listening to Foxygen’s song, ‘We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic’ )

    I appreciate your noticing the importance of this course as a transition into IDE.

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


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