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Of all the themes…teams !

             All of the themes we have worked on so far have their own benefits and applicability, however I have found Teamwork to be the most helpful. It was a crucial class to have earlier on, where we focused on how we operated as a team and what our roles are within the unit. Teamwork is the foundation on which we make our ideas and must be well organized in order to progress in a project. It is much easier to successfully reach a goal when all of the individuals have set tasks, a mutual respect for one another, and a clear idea of the “bigger picture”. Each team member has their own strong and weak areas, and it is important that people are placed in a function where they can contribute the most to the group to the most extent of their abilities. 

               All of the skills we learned throughout this team building process can be carried over to meet the needs of our NGO, for what is Solidaridad but just a bigger team? For example, we can apply the learning process we went through customizing appropriate communication methods for our own group. We explored different networks we can utilize for communication and collaboration, and played with the idea of incorporating some of them for our final product. We talked about how differences in size change the group dynamics, something to consider when detailing the needs of the rapidly expanding Solidaridad. 

              We want to create a framework for a social platform that is user friendly, efficient and effective. We want something that is intuitive for the end user that makes immediate sense to them when they are sifting through information. This can be achieved through uncluttered graphics with clear labeling and organization to make it easy to navigate. The information can be separated in a “river delta model” where you start out more generally with the region you are interested in, then the supply chain and then make your way to something more specific. Despite all of our unique ideas and opinions, as a team we see its clear that thinking about the platform from the frame of mind of the user is the key to creating a successful social platform. 

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