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Sharing Ideas

A designer’s creations are only as good as the ideas behind them, and therefore it can be wise to cultivate the thoughts of others. This is hard to accept sometimes for a perfectionist such as myself, as I like things done in a particular way. Yet is undeniable how incorporating others opinions into my work enhances the final result, a synergy between the best of my ideas and others. Crowd sourcing on the consumer end can create a superior product because it has the wants of the user in mind. A small example of this is the exercise in our kickoff week where we built necklaces to the taste of our client after receiving feedback from him. Its also a simplistic solution, a relatively easy way to find guidance in a design process that can be frustratingly abstract at times. Every individual is wired differently and constructs unique solutions to the same problem, and it is after gleaning the best of multiple solutions that you can achieve a superior result. In an attempt to do this, however, including more people in the equation can cause a clash of interests and ultimately become a pitfall instead of a benefit. Likewise, some of the important creative ideas in society have not come from the input of the crowd, but from the mind of an individual thinking outside the box. For example, Galileo changed the way we think about the universe, and Bill Gates (not even a college graduate!) has become one of the most successful people in the world thanks to his unique products. Despite its possibly useful capabilities, the effectiveness of crowd sourcing in a project is dependent upon its nature and is not applicable to every situation. It may be more useful for a company designing a simple domestic home product to crowd source the end users than someone designing highly technical machinery for a niche market who would require more expert advice most likely. However we have found that if applicable, crowd sourcing can be a very valuable tool and it would be wasteful to leave it untapped.

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  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Interesting. I hear that a lot: ‘to really innovate you need one exceptional individual’. I think that neither Galileo nor Gates came up with their ideas or products in a social vacuum. Galileo worked with others and furthered on the ideas of Copernicus and Kepler, as did Kepler and others on his. PC-DOS wasn’t the only operating system around in 1980 (nor was it invented by Bill Gates by the way), it was that Bill Gates saw the potential for IBM’s new pc. So rather than just one excpetional individual working on the solution of whatever problem I would advocate sharing platforms for geniuses. Isn’t that how the western science tradition started?

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