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Week 7 Assignment

Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards your goal of solving the unmet need of your NGO?

I believe week 5: theme 2 - work teams is key to solving the need of our NGO. This is because:

  1. Motivation: Teamwork does not only mean people sharing ideas and exchanging thoughts but as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs points out social needs/sense of belonging must be achieved in order to proceed to the next level and ultimately resulting in motivation. This said it is crucial for all team members to be motivated and willing to discuss their ideas. Once the ideas flow and people are more confortable in the environment we can put ideas on paper and discuss them thus making it easier as a group to visualize which ideas would work and which ideas need some changing.
  2. Get to know each other: Another reason that I believe theme 2 is important is because 5 weeks have gone by and by then everyone should more or less be confortable with working and knowing each other. Knowing your teammates take time, this is why sometimes it can take more time to get everyone participating. This means that for some people slowing down the pace of the conversation as to let some people have a turn to talk. This week especially teamwork was at its best it allowed a brainstorm of ideas that as a result created a rough draft of what our group thought would be a fitting solution for Solidaridad.
  3. Halfway there: After 5 weeks everyone is more relaxed with working together however 5 weeks also means that we are approaching the deadline this encourages people who like me, have been a little bit to relax to work. The result of everyone’s input resulted in a great brainstorming session on what our final solution should include. Hence time constraints also encourage teamwork. The key role in any teamwork is communication and that will also be the key to succeeding in meeting the needs of our NGO.

What do you think the solution should be and why?

The solution we came up with was an interface that would encourage communication and thus improving the production of produce. The interface would make it easy for someone in one particular region to learn how someone else in another region is doing. After a group brainstorm we decided to group. We found that this idea has potential but with input from the rest of the group we decided to keep the idea that people in different regions might want to communicate only about the produce they are interested in, hence we categorized by produce. Grouping people and region by what produce they are producing. Ultimately the solution had to be for us at least a means of sharing and communicating on both a global and regional scale.

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One comment on “Week 7 Assignment
  1. Ruben says:

    I find it interesting that you mentioned Maslow’s hierarchy. I think it’s very relevant to personal branding.

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