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Crowdfunding-Two sides of a golden coin

In my opinion both these optiones are perfect, since what i want to do is present better thing and projects to the world. But I can understand if for others Crowdsourcing is not a good thing since they maybe think economical wise. And they do not want to share the profit. Crowdfunding is in my opinion one of the smartest things humans came up with. And when I hear about people that actually solved a problem with the money they raised  i think that if more people would trust websites and the internet that we could solve more and do more good. But its not only about doing good some of these ideas are actually pretty smart and its an easy way to earn money. I wont do the math now but everyone wishes to have had bought a small part of Apple in the developing years.

If we look at crowdsourcing in design closer, then the only pros for me are the quantity of the ideas and that a many opinions could lead to a more succesfull product. Now that i have mentioned the word succesfull his is the bad part about crowdfunding. In the world of design you have to have a name, in order to be really succesfull. At this point i would compare the pininfarina family and Ikea. Pininfarina is a italian design company founded by Battista Pinin Farina in 1930 and since then they got famous for designing many luxorious super sport cars. But they design a lot more. Ikea is a huge company with many hundred designers. These share the name and money.

As a result crowdsourcing is a good solution if you want to help imrove the world and so one but if you want to get incredibly rich its your own Brand name that gets you there.


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One comment on “Crowdfunding-Two sides of a golden coin
  1. Stefan says:

    But dont you think, that the electronic scams and frauds will start happening more and more often if most of the people start using crowdsourcing and funding ?

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