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Week 6 Assignment

What do you see as the pros and cons of crowdsourcing in design?

There are multiple types of crowdsourcing such as:

  • Crowdfunding: similar to charities, projects are funded by a large group of people. Kickstarter ( is probably one of the most famous examples, where funds are acquired from people who take an interest in the project, projects vary from gadgets to movies. The clear advantage of this is the sharing of ideas as well as establishing a small market.
  • Crowdwisdom: A perfect example for this are site like Yahoo Answers (, where questions are asked in front of a large pool of people willing to answer. The advantage of this is multiple people will answer the question and the person who asked the question can take his pick. However a disadvantage would be that some questions never get answered, as people might simply not be interested.
  • Crowdsourcing design: These projects are funded for a large group of people to design something. Rally fighter car is a perfect example of crowdsourced design as the car was designed by the community and built by the business local motor (

But the one ill be focusing on is crowdsourcing in design. Crowdsourcing in design both has advantages and disadvantages the list below shows the pros and cons:


  • Reduce cash expenses. Only when compared to the price of hiring a dedicated professional, hence this means cheaper labor. This of course only applies if a business is crowdsourcing.
  • Allows company to focus on other factors. By crowdsourcing it can allow a business to focus on other urgent factors that need solving.
  • Frees up space in the building. By freeing up space, the space that is now free can be used for something else such as another department hence this may increase overall productivity
  • From an idea to a Design. If someone has a idea yet is unable to visualize this idea he can put his idea on a website such as that allows one to post an idea and have a bunch of designers communicate with the client on what he or she wants.


  • Cheap labor results less credible product. Cheap labor might have its advantages but ultimately you pay professionals for their expertise, experience and dedicated spirit, but you use cheap labor for completing simple task.
  • Any task considered above simple is risky for crowdsourcing. This is because there is no contract; this means that if workers find something that is too hard they can stop any time they want.
  • Difficult for collaboration between crowd members. This is because in some cases a business that is using crowdsourcing will put up a price in return of the work. Hence it becomes similar to a competition were every one wants to win.

Overall I think that everything has pros and cons why someone should not do something. But depending on what the business or the individual wants to crowdsource may determine if it will be successful or not.

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