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It is not the first time, that I heard terms ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘crowdfunding’, but I must say that this is the first time, when I actually took some time to get to know and explore what they exactly mean. We have done that during our group work and I have also looked for some information about it on my own. That research helped me in making conclusions.

I think that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are important, not only if it goes to designs, but it can also be very helpuf in getting any kind of information or dividing work (by finding people who really want to do this).

The main pros of crowdsuorcing is fact, that you can get a lot of help and feedback from people. Of course, the process doesn’t have to occur online, but it is very easy and fast way to find the information, that we are looking for. For example if you have an idea, you want to design something, but you have some hesitations, you can always turn to other people, who are interested in that, particular subject, have knowledge or experience in that field, or are people who you are aiming your project to. Crowdsourcing gives opportunity to obtain needed services, ideas or content. You can get to know what is needed (in what form your design may be used), what are the demands.

Crowdfunding also is helpful in bringing your design to life. It is an often situation, that somebody has an idea, but doesn’t have money to realize it. Crowdfunding lets us find a large group of people, who are interested in supporting our idea. You don’t have to go to bank and ask for a loan or a credit. You can find financial support, searching for people who are interested in that specific field and consider your idea and design as worth investing. It works for no only for individuals, but also for companies and NGOs.

I think that if you want to be a successful innovator, you should not do everything on your own. It is impossible to have and know all the things that are needed to invent something and put it into our life (come up with an idea, design, money and everything else). Even if you do have all of those, looking for a feedback is also important. It can show that there’s an audience and market for the project and it also engages audience into your design, even into every stage of it.

Cons of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding may be facts that somebody may steal your idea while presenting it to people. Or you can fail while meeting campaign goals, people may get to know about it and be affraid to trust you. You may also feel overwhelmed if you realise, that there is so many things that you still have to find out, information to collect, research to do, financial support to find etc.

However, I think that it is worth trying. If you believe in yourself, you’ll become very successful and crowdfunding and crowdsourcing surely will help you in that.


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One comment on “Crowdsourcing&Crowdfunding
  1. Viktoriya Despotova says:

    Karolinka, Karolinka, I am glad that we share the same opinion on crowdfunding, I also find it very convenient, because taking a loan or a credit might be very risky.

    I don’t think that you should be worried about feeling overwhelmed, because, as you said ‘If you believe in yourself, you’ll become very successful’.

    See you in the university 🙂

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