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Week 5 Assignment

What is working well for you in your group? What is challenging you?

We might of had a slow start with some miscommunication and organisational issues but after one meeting we are back on track. This is one of our strength as a group as after one meeting we were able to create a action planas well as divide the team into smaller team. 

Our group is also very good at organising information and making it easily accessible. For example information from every week and every meeting can be accessed via google docs. Thus, we able to constantly examine ourself and continuously add information to the document

What i find challenging is clearly understanding what our main goal is. this is because i first understood that we had to design and improve on Solidaderos communication, however i later understood that we are only meant to give advice on how communication can be improved. 

What is the impact of size? Culture?

One problem that might be caused by difference in culture is the way we interact with one another. For example people who learned english as a first language will talk a lot and be very direct and to the point. While people who have learned english as a second or even third language will take a lot longer to respond as they first need to think in their own language and then translate it to english. For example before i write or speak english i first think what i want to say in french and then translate it to english.

As for size we decided to split the larger group into smaller groups each with a specific task. This is because smaller teams with a single task will work faster and more accurately with one another. The Groups are shown below:

  • Leader, liaison between groups - Connor
  • Organisation of the cite - Ceire, Karolina 
  • Visualisation of the cite and video - Mario , Maarten
  • Research and Communication- Efe , Niki

What is one thing you might do differently in the coming weeks to improve your experience and the group’s work?

More meetings as to improve the exchange of information and any new findings people have made. However I think that improving communication should be a priority, as we have seen Facebook does not always work since telling people about a meeting via Facebook can easily be overlooked. As for Whatsapp or any other communication app that requires Internet will only work if all members of the group are connected to the Internet. 

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Final Video

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