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WORK TEAMS-week 5 assignment

Working in teams, from definition, should be better and easier than working as an individual.

Work, that has to be done, can be divided into  members of group, so  everybody is responsible for some part of the challenge. If somebody has problems with fulfilling the assignment, can always get help and support from colleagues. Also, if everybody focuses on one part of assignment (of course having in mind the group outcome of a project), can go deeper into specific field, research it better, get more information and gain knowledge, which can be shared with others. Working in group gives us more possibilities, more ideas, more conclusions and makes the work easier, as one person doesn’t have to do everything on his/her own. Moreover, if you face the challenge in group, you can always get a feedback, you learn a lot by cooperation and you are responsible as a group, not as an individual.

I don’t have much experience in beeing a part of group and making projects together, but I am very glad, that I will have a chance to learn the procces and to get to know how it works, as becoming successful desinger and innovator goes together with working in teams, not as an individual.

We didn’t choose our teammates on our own, so I was a bit anxious, if we are going to get along with each other. But, I must say, that this is one of things that works for me the best as for now. I like people, who I am working with. I know, what they do best, what are their good sides and what they may have problems with.

The assignment itself is challenging me. We have a lot to do, we are running out of time, as the deadline is in 4 weeks, or even 3 now, and we had some problems to face as a team. The main one, is our problem with communication. When we have meetings, there is never whole team present, also, nobody knows, what they are supposed to do and what others are doing. Our group consists of 7 people, so I don’t think it’s because there is too many of us, I don’t also blame anybody, as I said, it is just a luck of communication. Of course if we were working in 2, the communication would be better for sure, but the more people in the group, the more ideas.

But this Monday, we decided to divide into 3 groups of 2 people and each of those is responsibile for some part of assignment (after fulfilling one part of work, we will share it with team mates, and add it to our project-try to put it as a part of final outcome), of course the roles will change depending on what we will have to do particular week. There is also a leader, who is supposed to ‘control’ our work, help us in case of any problems and contact with Maarten (NGO). The roles are still being discussed, as the problem with communication is. We have meeting tommorow, we hope that everybody will show up, so we can set tho rules, roles and solve our problems.

I think we have to face some problems, because we do not have much experience in working in teams. We all are still a bit confused, we don’t know what we should actually do (besides the every week assignments).
But as i said, during Monday’s meeting, we made a progress, we talked about our problems, set the roles and decided who does what. And I hope, that starting from there, our team work will improve and the problems will disappear.

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One comment on “WORK TEAMS-week 5 assignment
  1. Ceire Kenny says:

    You obviously have a good understanding of the importance of a team and were able to identify pressing problems easily. Hopefully we worked out some kinks on monday and we are on our way to success. Don’t worry, we are all in the same boat !

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