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Week 5 Assignment- Solidaderos- Group 7

Identify who on your team will do what, and share/reflect upon any insights you had in making those selections. How are you (or not) tapping into individual’s connections and networks? How are you defining project roles in groups and initial tasks and responsibilities? Have a conversation in your team and share your main insights. Notice any challenges you should attend to in your team processes.
We have decided to break up the group responsibilities as follows.
Leader, liaison between groups (1)- Connor
Organization of the cite, how should it be structured to suit their needs (2) - Ceire, Karolina
Visualization of the cite ( aesthetic appearance) and video (2)- Mario , Maarten
Research and Communication ( provides research on subjects of interest, gives methods for communicating effectively on an international scale.) (2) - Efe , Niki
We have decided to structure it in this manner because we feel that when people are in groups of two they work in a stable structure, and are able to bounce their ideas off of someone without getting lost in the group. The three groups were given tasks based on our top three priorities at the moment and are subject to change as tasks shift.
All of us have individual networks that we can use to our advantage in this project. For example Connor and I both know people that have a background in video editing and production that could aid us in our final video presentation. In addition, Karolina has individually created her own drupal account that our team has used to explore Drupal’s logistic capabilities and functions. There are some networks that we are currently underutilizing and hope to take advantage of in the near future such as the ability to fill out a contact form on Drupal to make communication more efficient.
We think moving forward we are going to adapt the organization of our meetings to include more structured action points. This will allow us to move forward from the gathering information stage to an active stage.
Look at one of the online groups you have identified as examples in previous weeks. How are they using group size effectively or not? How are they using cultural diversity effectively or not? What is the evidence of interaction over time and how is that related to the success of their endeavours?
The Drupal communities page (
uses the “We” group size effectively, by allowing both a space for general information pertinent to this specific group, and an area of the site where smaller groups of people can chat. This allows for both a transparent movement of information throughout the community and the flexibility to tackle specific goals with key individuals. It also offers a mailing list and a member directory to facilitate collaboration. The website seems to be culturally neutral, not particularly accommodating other groups but rather unifying the community.
Evidence of this interaction can be seen via the sites archive of topical channels and past posts. This has allowed them to communicate on relevant material and refer to past information that they may find helpful.
What is also this week assingment, we are trying to figure out what works well (as working in team) and what doesn’t work at all. As for now, we have problems with communication. Somebody’s posting some iinformation, which he or she has recently found out, and most of us don’t even realize that something has been posted. What goes with it, we have problems with setting the main way(platform or some kind of social network) of exchanging information. Another hard thing to do for us was how to set the roles and decide who should do what in order to actually get the project started. We have just started working on our problems and we hope to solve them and make our work more productive. We will talk about it (when we’ll meet together-with whole group-we all hope it will happen) probably we’ll meet more often, improve team work and help each other in case of any missunderstandings and problems. We have to make our meetings work.

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