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Online spaces

I use online spaces everyday, as internet is very good source of information and the cheapest way of communicating with others. It is hard for me to decide whether I use it more often as an individual or simply to interact with others.


Everyday, there are lots of things which I look for/check using online sources. For example if I don’t know how should I write correctly some words in english, as it is not my native language, I check it out (almost always using Google Translator). Another example is when I want to buy something (now it’s laptop). I look for one that is going to fulfil all of my criteria, I mean I can choose what I want, get every information I need about the product, read what others think and what experiences they already have with the product, so I can make up my mind. Also buying via internet is very simple, comfortable, safe and I often do that. If I like something, but I can’t find it anywhere naerby I just ‘Google’ it and look for it. You can buy things from all over the world, not leaving home and I find it very helpful and as I said comfortable.


I also use online sources to simply find information which I need, or just to check out things that I don’t know, doing so I also use ‘Google”. It is huge advantage of the internet that it gives you so many information, on every subject or problem (even those most abstract ones), if you want to do something and you have absolutely now idea even how to start, you can find everything in the internet, it just depends on you, what kind of online source you pick.


What I also very often use internet for as an individual is watching videos, movies and listetning to the music. To do so, I use Youtube and many other websites which allow us watch movies and series online.

Facebook is a social platform, which I use everyday to contact my friends, as most of them live in Poland. This is very easy and cheap way to stay in touch with the people I miss. Also, Facebook helps me to be up to date when it is about studies. We have our group’s account and lots of important and interesting information always appear there. That is an example of me, using online spaces to interact with others. Another is writing e-mails. I keep in touch with my mother in that way. This is main tool of communication that she uses at work and as I check my inbox very often, it is good way to stay in touch with her. I also use skype to contact my friends and family, but that doesn’t happen that often. Another online tool, which helps me interact with others is tumblr. I write my blog once a week to (do my homework :D) share my thoughts with classmates and also I read theirs to get more information about them. The last one of online tools, that I use is Drupal. I have created one, to get to know better with what struggles our NGO. And right now, I try to discover the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, I’m not doing that alone, all my group, as well as group 6 has access to it, so we can explore it together.

I am a member of 2 online groups. One is IDE group and second one is a group from studies I have done in Poland. While the first one is very usefull for me now, to know exactly what is happening (homework, events, interesting videos, important information), the second one allows me to stay in touch with people I have studied with. Both of them were created on Facebook which is the most valuable online social platform for me. That is because Facebook is very common online tool, almost everybody I know has an account on Facebook, what lets me communicate with them and know what is going on in their lifes. I find it also very comfortable and easy in use.

I don’t think I have any preferences for types of groups I like or would like to belong to. I just think that keeping them easy and comfortable in use are the most important demands, if they don’t fulfil them I think I wouldn’t be so willing to use them

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