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Week 4 Assignment

Do you use online spaces primarily as an individual?

I wouldn’t say i use online spaces primarily as an individual. online spaces such as Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp i use mostly as a mean of communicating and interacting with each other. This is because of my international background i have friends all over the world and these tools simplify communication and are easily accessible for every one.

While with online spaces such as tumblr, instagram and youtube i mostly use as i means of absorbing information. Take youtube as a example, i go on youtube everyday with the purpose of watching a video im not interested in all the comments. I think that this is because the people commenting on youtube videos, tumblr posts or instagram pictures are strangers to me so care very little what they say.

Are you a member of defined and bounded groups? Or do you interact along the way as you intersect with others in the wider network?

The groups i am part of can be split into two catergory one side you have the groups related to education such as New Open innovators (IDE) or ISH Year 13 (group of all last year students that would help each other) and on the other side i have groups such as Year 13 senior trip and Cuba trip aimed at partying and having fun events. However all these groups have one thing in common as they are all private groups. I personally do not interact on a wider network, the reason for this is because if i am not aware of the persons identity i care very little for them.

Which online space is most valuable to you and why?

personally i prefer my Twitter or deviantart ( account. The reason why is simple, Twitter i use to express my thoughts in a matter of seconds. while deviantart holds some of my creative pieces and so due to the time and effort i put into those pieces i see them as valued possession presented on a website. But my most valued online space is Whatsapp the reason is simple i am part of this group chat on Whatsapp with all my closest friends and they have now all left the country, so what whatsapp allows us to do is to communicate just like how we would text each other, yet for free.

Which online space is most comfortable?

Definitely Facebook and Twitter. Twitter i find comfortable due to the freedom it gives you. You might have the word restriction but come on, twitter is meant to give you a quick glance at what people are thinking as you scroll down. While Facebook has very specific privacy settings giving us great control over our digital identity. Facebook is so comfortable to use due to control an individual has over their account and who they add as friends. This is the main reason why i started using Facebook as it was a lot more comfortable to use than BeBo (another social media tool) and Facebook also incorporated a tool similar to msn messenger making it easier to communicate with each other. I go on Facebook everyday yet i still wonder why do we use Facebook?

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