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Online tools, digital identity

At the beginning, I must say, that I do not consider myself as a ‘technologically competent’ person. I don’t have any particular experience in taht field and I do not think that I could teach somebody new things, as my knowledge is really basic.  But I think that I can learn a lot from others, as for example Ceire has showed me Google doc-yeah really, i didn’t know it exists, (we put in there all information we have collected and things that we have done so far for our NGO) also because of project community classes I have an opportunity to get to know Google Hangout and Meetingwords and see how it works and take part in those online meetings.

As almost everybody I do have an online digital identity, probably because of facebook and similar social networks. These days being a part of online community is as popular as  being a part of offline one.During one of the lectures somebody said that if you spend too much time online, many things from the ”real life” pass you by. But to be honest, I must say that I see it in different way. First of all, nowadays, online communities are part of a ‘real life’, secondly, if you do not have access to those I think that more things pass you by, than when you do. I mean, if you don’t check your facebook 5 times a day, you may not know about the deadline of some exercise, or somebody posts on his/her blog information about an awesome party and you do not know about it, because you don’t read blogs, you don’t have one and the info does not reach you. Before those studies I used social networks to communicate with my friends and family (as we are so far away from each other) also to share with others information about myself and of course pictures, mostly of my dog (I’ll show you one too, this will be my first time with doing this on tumblr, so again something new is happening! :)) but now, they became online tools, which I use to obtain and share information about studies and even to do my homework.

But coming back to the subject, besides online tools menshioned before, I really do not have enough experience to teach somebody and I am not particularly good at using any of them. But as I said, I am ready to learn as much as I can and I’m really excited about that.

What might be worth mentioning is that while I was studying in Poland, I was making a lot of Power Point presentations, so with that, surprisingly, I should not have any problem.

About our project work, we have to find similar platforms to the drupal (also see how exactly drupal works, find all advantages and disadvantages of it), compare them and figure out the best way of using them, facing our challenge. And I think that we can also exchange our ideas or information that we have with group 6. I know that they also have questions to ask about our NGO, so probably we will do that together (Conor already has written about it)

and now the picture!

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