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Peter Parker

Internet.Facebook. Instagram. All other types of Social media.
As much as i enjoy sharing pictures with friends and being able to message them 24/7. It scares me. People or Institutions can legally or ilegally check my profiles. And thats exactly why i will start erasing my digital identity in the following weeks when my capability has increased to a certain level. My knowledge concerning online tools are very basic, so please don’t expect a lot. I would be more then happy to share my knowledge with you but its basiclly what everyone of you already knew years ago. But the best motivation to learn is curiosity. And i am curious, thats why i will have learned from and with you in the following days and weeks. Thank you in advance…

"the best promise is the one you can’t keep."
- _______man

(Hint :_____gram)

Mario Mirzahanyan

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7 comments on “Peter Parker
  1. Maarten Thissen says:

    Last Monday I was at a very inspiring talk about by Tricia Wang She explained how people (and more specific youth) use different identities on different platforms to express different sides of their personality. So rather than reffering to ‘social media’ She saw formal identities (used in f.i. Facebook) and Informal identities (she flipped through 10+ identities on tumblr, depending on het mood or what she wanted to share to whom). I’ll post some more about it on my own blog. Great quote: ‘Computers are not just a tool to see the (research ed.) field. Computers ARE the field.’

  2. Mario Mirzahanyan says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I do not really see any risks. But now i am curious and would like to know what you mean by risks.
    Thank you

    • Nancy White says:

      OK, for example, here in the US, when you apply for a job, many companies search on your name to learn more about you. If your job, for example, is as a designer, they might be looking for where you participate in design communities, volunteer design work you may have done, and most importantly, what other people say about you. If the job requires a good network, they will look at your LinkedIn profile to see who you are connected with.

      In other words, if you have no digital identity, or a poor one, it may keep you from a job, or for getting others to want to collaborate with you.

      I have a very strong digital identity and that has gotten me clients, opportunities to speak at international conferences and adventure galore. Without my digital identity, none of that would have been possible.

      Now there certainly are professions where digital identity is less or unimportant. I would be surprised, however if industrial design was one of those! Thus the risk of NOT having a (good) digital identity. Does that make sense?

      • Mario Mirzahanyan says:

        Thats interesting but you cannot really expect that everyone wants your Job. There are many jobs that do not require digital identities. The reason why i want my identity to be erased is exactly this. In the future i want my customers to come up to me because of the quality of my products and not because i have an account in every single social platform. Ofcourse you are right about what you said about linkedin et cetera. I know many successful people in companies like Siemens and Unilever, but that is not the life i want. Do you understand what i mean?

        • Nancy White says:

          No, of course, jobs are different. And a digital identity does not necessarily mean you set up a profile on every system either. 😉 The point is, we each need to consider what KIND of digital (and non digital) identity we want to cultivate that helps support the kind of work and opportunities we want (and some of which we may not even know yet!) From your post, I inferred that you wanted NO digital identity! ;-)And alas, I don’t think we can erase our entire digital identity because some of it is created by others. Thus the consideration of what kind of identity you DO want. 😉

  3. Nancy White says:

    Mario, can you also tell me about the risks you run in erasing all of your digital identity? IN other words, the “other side of the coin.”

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